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Image by Gerrit Klein

Self-Love Spray

As a general rule, people are pretty hard on themselves. In fact, if we talked to our friends and loved ones the way we speak to ourselves, they probably wouldn't be in our lives. That's where this love spray recipe comes in. Made from a combination of rose quartz shards, clear quartz shards (optional but highly effective), dried hibiscus petals, dried rose petals, and distilled water charged with healing lunar energy, all muscle tested to specifically be the perfect amount of each for your body's specific needs.

photo_2022-03-27 13.16.51.png

The How & The Why

If you're in the United States, you can just click these links and add them to your Amazon cart. If you are outside of the US, you will need to find them locally, on your own country's Amazon site, or somewhere else on the internet that will ship to you. Both the distilled water and the quartz shards will need to be placed in the moonlight. You can either put them out for just one night on a full moon (or even the next couple days after a full moon because the energy is still strong, just not as good as the full moon itself), or you can put them out for a couple consecutive nights that are not during a full moon or the next couple days following one.


The easiest way to do the distilled water is to just buy a gallon of it, and put the whole gallon out. Both the crystal shards and the water will need to be placed in an area that has a line of sight to the moon. Don't worry if you can't get this perfect, just do the best you can. You'll want to get them in the house before they are exposed to sunlight for too long, so maybe set an alarm to get up and bring them in, and then go back to bed if you like. The water from that gallon that's left over once you've made your bottle(s) does not have to be refrigerated, but store it out of direct sunlight, so keep it off of window sills. A pantry is perfect! 

You will also need to get a spray bottle that either has a filter over the hose to prevent the petals and shards getting stuck in the hose or one with a small enough diameter that they can't get stuck. The one listed here works great, I've never had an issue with it, but if you're out of the country and can't get this exact one and you can't find one with a mesh cover on the hose, you can put your own mesh over the end of the hose and it works just as well. It's just another step you could avoid if you can find it built into the bottle or one with a hose with a small enough diameter. 


Once you have them all ready to go, just get a hold of me, and I'll muscle test you for each ingredient. You'll then need to weigh it out. I use a food scale, but you can use any scale that measures small enough increments. You'll then put everything into the bottle, and try to keep it in the refrigerator eight to ten hours a day. The rest of the time I leave mine out because I don't want to spray cold water on my body. The reason for the fridge is there are no preservatives in the spray because it would be harmful for your body and reduce the spray's efficacy.


After the 14th day, you will need to remove everything out of the bottle while preserving the liquid. This can be done using a strainer and a bowl. You can use the strainer listed here, or you can use one you already have. You don't want the holes to be too big, though, or you'll lose shards through them. Just keep that in mind. Cleanup isn't fun, no, because you have to separate the shards from the petals, but getting the liquid out and on its own is a simple as pouring through the strainer. The petals want to stick to and wrap around the shards, but 5 to ten minutes is all it will take to get these separated. The petals can be thrown away, and you can reuse the shards in your next bottle. 

I know this sounds like a lot, but I promise, it really isn't, and the healing energy of the spray is so worth any "hassle" you have to endure. It's important that you are in a good headspace while you're putting it all together. You don't want to be having a bad day, be frustrated, angry, depressed, or anything like that. You should make it with the intention of love or love for the recipients of it, just as long as you're lovingly making it. If there's a song that puts you in a really good mood or headspace, you can listen to that while you're making it, or even a playlist because it'll likely take more than 4 minutes, but you get the point. If you have nay questions, you can always send me a message, too. 

Links To The Ingredients

Hibiscus Flowers

Hibiscus Flowers.jpg
organic rose petals.jpg

Organic Rose Petals

photo_2022-03-27 13.16.32.png

Rose Quartz Shards

photo_2022-03-27 13.17.05.png
Rose Quarts Shards.jpg
Clear Quartz Shards.jpg

Clear Quartz Shards

photo_2022-03-27 13.17.00.png
photo_2022-03-27 13.16.45.png

Large Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle No Mesh.jpg
photo_2022-03-27 13.16.56.png
photo_2022-03-27 13.16.38.png
18 Mesh Strainer.jpg

18 Mesh Strainer

photo_2022-03-27 13.16.41.png
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