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My Services

This is just a sampling of what we offer. The innate uniqueness of multicellular biological organisms such as human beings and animals make it next to impossible to draft a comprehensive list of services I offer. This is far from an exhaustive list of services, but it paints a pretty good picture of what I can do and gives clients a generalized idea of pricing. It also helps get people thinking about how they can best apply my aptitudes in their lives. Most people don't think of the island pass, an assessment prior to healing, or being proactive with vaccines. If none of this is what you're looking for but you definitely have something you need help healing, whether physically or emotionally (they're almost always both present), then the custom inquiry would be the way to go, and it's free!

A Sampling of Possibilities

This is just a sampling of examples of how my faculties can be applied. If there is something you're struggling with (no matter how "weird" you might think it is) but you don't see it listed here, and you would like to see if I'm capable of helping, please don't hesitate to ask. That is why the custom inquiry option is here. Regardless of your situation, if it falls anywhere under the umbrella of health, there is a 95% + chance that I can help you. In the rare situation I can't, I might know someone who can.  

Image by Jeremy Bishop

General Treatment Session

Most of our treatments are handled during what we call sessions. A session is a block of time (60 minutes, 90 minutes, etc.) during which Tanya treats your underlying condition. The other services listed here deviate from this norm.

Image by Rowan Heuvel

The Island Pass

This is the service that led to our name. Connect with your furry, scaled, or feathered loved ones who have passed on. Excellent for closure and a regular tear-jerker, but so worth it! I do this for myself at least once a week.

Image by Aditya Saxena

Mind & Body Assessment ('MBA')

A "bumper-to-bumper" check for your TRUE "daily driver," your body.

Drug and Syringe

Vaccine Preparation, Support, & Detox

This is for all Vaccines, COVID-19 Included


Procedural Prep, Support, & Recovery

If you've got a big procedure coming up, this helps prep your body, improve recovery time, and help you feel better, both physically and emotionally, before, during, & afterward.


Chakra Clearing

Chakras are the spinning vortex energy centers of the human body. The ideal state for your chakras is to be open, aligned, and balanced so they can absorb our vital energy (Prana) and redistribute it throughout the body. This service does exactly that.

Image by Haley Owens

Muscle Testing

Muscle testing allows you to ask your body directly what's wrong, and it can be done from a distance, too!

Energy Healing


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an ancient holistic healing modality facilitated by using universal life-force energy to heal the body.

Image by Camylla Battani

Custom Inquiry

If you didn't see the service you're looking for, if it's something I can do, let's create it!

Set Up Your Consultation

If your'e all set and want to begin the consultation process now, click the start button and fill out each section the best you can.

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