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Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a tool that can be used to find the root cause as to why an organ or body system is out of balance, whether it's dietary, a nutritional deficiency, nerve tissue damage, a chemical imbalance, or emotional (usually the ultimate root cause). Muscle testing is one of the few methods that allows you to go right to the source, the body, and ask it directly what the problem is and receive an answer. Answers come in the form of yeses and nos only, so familiarity and experience in what to ask and how to communicate in this manner to get the most precise responses possible is extremely important. It's an art, like the art of cross examination is in the legal field, and its diagnostic ability is paralleled only by heightened clairvoyance.

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The How, The Why, & The Service

Asking the body for answers


Billed at half my session rate

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Session Conducted Remotely - No Two-Way Client Interaction Required

The basic idea behind muscle testing, also known as applied kinesiology (AK) and manual muscle testing (MMT), is probably more familiar to you than you think. You’ve likely heard of Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion which states, “For every action in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Muscle testing, in a way, applies this law to the human body in that it’s believed that any internal issues you may be experiencing would be accompanied by a related muscle weakness.


The reason for this is that the body contains an electrical network or grid which it uses to communicate with itself sending messages to and from the brain to different parts of the body through the central nervous system. ECGs or EKGs (electrocardiograms) are proof of this; they are used to tap into this electrical superhighway and record electrical signals passing through the heart. These signals run all through the body, your muscles included, so if something impacts that signal (like thoughts, emotions, allergies, etc), your electrical system weakens, even if just for a fraction of a second, and it’s this momentary loss of resistance that the muscle testing practitioner is looking for. This involuntary, infinitesimally brief moment is measured as a “no” answer, or that the body is not in agreement with the statement of the practitioner.


If you’ve made it this far, you might be wondering, “So how are you testing my muscles without actually meeting with me and testing my muscles?” Well, the science behind that one is incorporated in my explanation Quantum Healing and How It Works. If you haven’t read that though (it’s kind of lengthy, I get it), the short answer is, “with a pendulum.” A pendulum (as pictured above) will swing one way for “yes” and the other for “no.” When using it on yourself to make the inquiries about your own body, some say the muscles of the hand are thrown off in a way to make it turn one way vs the other. Others say it’s the energy between both the hands that have an effect on the crystal and cause it to spin one way vs the other. There is no one single school of thought as to what makes it swing, but there are even more opinions when it comes to using the pendulum like I do.


I use the pendulum in the same mechanical way as someone would use it on themselves, but I am using it to test the body of another, not my own. Considering that I’m also doing this from sometimes thousands of miles away, it’s not explained as simply as muscle weakness or localized electromagnetic fields. There seems to be a lot of different opinions out there as to why and how it works, and while I prefer to look at it more from a spiritual angle, one of oneness and infinite intelligence, modern science has evolved to being on a very similar page, it just uses different terms. If you have read the Quantum Healing and How It Works section of this site, you will see that scientists at leading universities and institutions around the world are discussing theories about separation being nothing more than an illusion of the human condition and that everything in existence (every person, every animal, every object, etc.) is all part of the same whole, the same energy body. Essentially, science is discussing the spiritual idea of oneness as a real possibility.


Whatever the reason behind it, studies show that when performed correctly, muscle testing boasts a 98% accuracy rate at finding the root cause of the problem, even if it’s emotional (it usually is), and it can even pinpoint the event that led to the underlying emotion. What’s more, because the body is tapped into infinite intelligence at the cellular level, some believe it can answer a lot more than just that (but I won’t get into that here). The bottom line is, its self-awareness is staggering, so muscle testing as a diagnostic tool in terms of efficacy makes an MRI machine look like a tool from the 17th century. What this means to you is, if you have been told by doctors or other medical practitioners that they have no idea what’s wrong, it’s all in your head, or some other equally frustrating response, muscle testing is the answer you have been looking for.


The uses for muscle testing are pretty much endless, but here are some ideas. You can use it to determine if your body likes a particular substance such as a food, supplement, medication, beverage, etc. Your body knows if it’s allergic to something, what symptom (either known or unknown) is tied to what allergen, and what you could expect if you were to remove that allergen from your diet (including how long before it’s out of your system). You can also use it to determine what dosage is best when taking prescriptions or supplements, whether to take it with or without food, or if a particular food would be better than another (like soup versus bread). You can use it to determine very specific figures like your basal metabolic rate (the measurement of calories needed to perform your body's most basic (basal) functions, like breathing, circulation and cell production), something usually reserved for high-tech lab environments. You can use it to determine if your lymphatic system is causing a rash, what percentage of max performance it’s operating at, and what area(s) of your body is the culprit. You can use it to see if the knock to your head you just got qualified as a concussion or TBI and even what your Glasgow Coma Score is if it did. You get the point; the possibilities are endless.

This service is often coupled with sessions. Many of my clients want specific details following their sessions. For instance, let's say one of your symptoms is a rash. As I said above, I can muscle test to find the cause of it (again, usually emotional), what level of trauma the event that caused the emotion resulted in, and what I was able to reduce the level of trauma to at the end of each session. This takes time, and depending on the number of symptoms, affected areas of the body, and underlying emotions the client is experiencing, this part alone can exceed an hour. If these types of details are something you're interested in, just let me know at the time of your consultation. This can also be added at any time during your progress, too, so you can just send me a message and add this to your program at any point. 

Lastly, I bill this service at 50% of my regular session rate. I do this for three main reasons: 1) it's very informative to the client, shows progress that can't always be felt immediately after the session, and typically causes immense excitement (albeit, at first, disbelief); 2) it's easier on me than my healing sessions, so I extend that break (a break from the more strenuous healing sessions) to you financially (in the form of a discount); and 3) I learn from the answers I get when conducting these. This learning isn't something that I need to facilitate your healing and without it your healing is jeopardized -- not at all -- but it helps me become more intimately acquainted with your particular condition and aids me in future situations with other clients where I’m addressing something similar. Because of this benefit to me, I, again, try to extend a benefit to you in return. 

In lak’ ech, hala ken


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