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Ready to get started? If so, you have several ways to do this. You can 1) fill out the box below, 2) use your default email service on your device (like the "Mail" app on Mac or Gmail app on your phone) by clicking here, 3) send us an email at, or 4) if you'd rather use a messenger, just click the button. It can take 24 to 72 hours for me to tap into your energy, muscle test you, and complete what I need to do on my end. 

What Happens Next?

Once I receive your message, I’ll look over all the information, tap into the person or animal receiving treatment for a general assessment and do some muscle testing to get an idea of the their current state. After that, I’ll message you to set up a time for a phone call where we can discuss my findings, recommendations, and if/how you’d like to proceed with treatment. 

**Note: If you don't actually want to get started with your initial consultation and prefer to just contact me and have a conversation about my services, that's not a problem at all. You can do so by any method you choose on my contact page here

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Use A Messenger

You can use a messenger instead of the form above if you like. Just remember, I'll need a brief synopsis of the diagnosis and/or symptoms, their location on/in the body, how long it's been going on, what makes it worse or better, etc. Include any major emotional traumas endured by the person or animal I'll be working on as these could very well be the root cause of their symptoms and/or diagnosis. Lastly, don't forget to include a portrait picture (any picture you have that shows their face and eyes -- no sunglasses) because it helps me establish a connection with them. Thank you!

Image by Vojtech Bruzek
Image by Vojtech Bruzek
Image by Vojtech Bruzek
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