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Some of you may already be familiar with the term 'quantum healing' and know all about how it works, while others may have not heard the term but are still familiar with it as a practice and just know it by a different name like 'energy healing' or 'remote healing.' If you fall into either of these categories, and you already know about the 'how' behind what I do and just want to know what to expect during your time with me (what exactly the process looks like in practice), no problem, you can skip the explanation and just click here. If, however, you find yourself in the camp that has no idea how something like this is even possible, may have heard about it before but don't fully get it, or just love reading about this stuff and what to dig in, just keep on reading -- there's no need to click anywhere.

The ideas, theories, and concepts I discuss in this section are based on the teachings, research, and life’s work of the original authors mentioned throughout with, of course, my own little spin on it. In no way, shape, or form can I possibly do them justice in a few paragraphs. It is my hope, however, that it will lay a very basic foundation of understanding as to how what I do is possible, and that what I do is not only based on foundational principles in the spiritual community the world over, but it’s also backed by the research of some of the greatest minds in modern science. With that, I hope this helps dissipate the cloud of mysticism you might find yourself suffocating in right now.

Lastly, this is not a short read, and for that reason, I understand that a lot of people won't read this to completion. It's my goal to record me reading this and upload it here so you can just hit play, so you can listen to it while you go about your day. For now, if you would like to just read the first two sections (Quantum Mechanics & Bridging The Gap Between Science and Spirituality), you'll know enough to understand how I do what I do. For those of you reading through to the end, you brave pursuers of truth, grab a snack and some water, you're likely going to need it. Enjoy!

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At the atomic level, matter does not even exist with certainty; it only exists as a tendency to exist.

- Bruce H. Lipton

Yoga at Home

3 Languages, 1 Message

Throughout this rather lengthy explanation behind how what I do is possible, you will notice that the message from science, spirituality, and Christianity (though, not as portrayed in the typical religious dogmatic manner), are all the same (depending on interpretation, of course). There are many different ways to describe how what I do is possible and, perhaps more importantly, how what I do is something you can do for yourself. The point is that the sky is the limit to where you can go with this information, should you choose to; it's entirely up to you. If it resonates, great, but if not, that's perfectly okay, too. You can even use it in conjunction with my work, similar to how a body builder uses visualization in conjunction with lifting weights; the body listens to the mind.

Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion.

- Democritus of Abdera

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"Quantum Physics tells us that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer. That statement, from science, holds an enormous and powerful insight. It means that everyone sees a different truth because everyone is creating what they see."

- Neale Donald Walsch

Quantum Mechanics

American theoretical physicist, Richard Phillips Feynman, famously said, "If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics." That's a sobering, if not daunting place to start on such an infinite and extraordinary topic. While it's certainly fascinating, after studying the topic, I have no issue admitting that’s me – I do not fully understand quantum mechanics. I make no claim to be up to the task of diving into its infinite waters with the likes of Max Planck, Erwin Schrödinger, Albert Einstein, or Niels Bohr, but to help set the stage, I will attempt an infinitesimally elementary toe-dip into the subject to try to explain the very basics behind what makes what I do possible, the prevailing idea of quantum healing, the general concept of how it works, and what my role as quantum healing facilitator actually means.

String Theory states that our universe is made up of tiny little string particles and waves, all of which operate on a very different set of laws that govern the possibilities of their movement, form, and behavior to the point of seemingly absurd impossibility. It has baffled some of the greatest minds in history and carries with it profound implications for the future of humanity. 


Quantum Entanglement, perhaps one of the most peculiar and inexplicable phenomena in known reality, was discovered deep within the equations of quantum mechanics in 1935 by Albert Einstein and his coworkers. Einstein famously dubbed it "spooky action at a distance" for good reason. Essentially, this phenomenon occurs when two or more objects become so inextricably intertwined, that the two become one and assume a new, collective identity that can persist even if they’re separated by vast distances. Thus is the state of being entangled — a situation without parallel in our everyday experience.

Einstein’s discovery led to what is known as the EPR paradox which stated that the only way of explaining the effects of quantum entanglement were to assume the universe is nonlocal, meaning occurring outside of the realm of space and time, or spacetime, spacetime having the speed of light as a limiting velocity. This is important because the truest sense of the word "instant" when used in "instant communication" doesn't exist in traditional physics. Rather there would typically be a medium like air or space for an atom to communicate with another atom, which inevitably takes time regardless of whether it seems instant to our human perception. According to ''classical'' physics, it could only have been as fast as the speed of light, not truly instant. However, during quantum entanglement, there is no medium, and communication is truly instantaneous.

To illustrate this, in 2011, Dr. Nicolas Gisin of the University of Geneva and his colleagues conducted a twin-photon experiment sending pairs of photons in opposite directions to villages north and south of Geneva using fiberoptic cable. Once the twin-photons reached their respective ends of these fibers, they were forced to make random choices between alternative, equally possible pathways. Since there was no way for the photons to communicate with each other, ''classical'' physics, bound by spacetime, would predict that their independent choices would bear no relationship to each other. But when the paths of the two photons were properly adjusted and the results compared, the independent decisions of the paired photons always matched, even though there was no physical way for them to communicate with each other.


So, what does this sciency gobbledygook have to do with you and your healing? Whether instant or not, communication at a distance between objects (you and me) without a perceivable medium is the cornerstone of quantum healing and what makes my job as your quantum healing facilitator possible.

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What quantum physics teaches us is that everything we thought was physical is not physical.

- Bruce H. Lipton

Bridging The Gap Between Science & Spirituality

If quantum physics is the hardline science explanation, the next logical stop on the way to a purely spiritual one would be the work of Gregg Braden and his unique one-foot-in-science-one-foot-in-spirituality view of reality. Deepak Chopra described Gregg Braden as “a rare blend of scientist, visionary and scholar with the ability to speak to our minds, while touching the wisdom of our hearts.” With a background in science and computers, Gregg Braden’s work tries to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. In an interview preceding the release of one of his 15 film credits (before the year 2012 for sure, but I’m not exactly sure when), he spoke about his views on reality, what he calls “The Divine Matrix,” and how the top names in Quantum Physics are learning to view our reality.


I’m going to paraphrase this as best I can. He spoke about new theories that scientists are developing to explain and unify the laws of physics as we know them today. He describes this as the great challenge of Western science as “we haven't been able to come up with one story that explains the entire universe because our stories are fragmented.” The mathematical stories of quantum physics and Newtonian physics don't match and can't work together to give us a coherent understanding of the universe, however, he says this may be changing now. “Scientists are coming up with new theories, a number of different theories that are actually able to merge quantum mechanics and the Newtonian theories together.”


The quantum theory says that we live in a universe of energy while the Newtonian theory says we live in a universe of things, and it’s the mathematics that describe the energy and the things they're trying to link together. These new theories are called string theories (I mentioned them above), and although there are a number of different string theories, 11 at least, “There is now a superstring theory that brings them all together.” He says, “…for these theories to work and to unify the quantum mechanics and the Newtonian mechanics and the physical and energetic worlds, to do that, the theories require that we live in a universe of at least 11 dimensions and very possibly 25 dimensions. They say they must be there for these theories to work, and what's so interesting, is the higher you go in the dimensions, the simpler the mathematics become, and where everything looks separate in our three-dimensional world and our polarity world – we live in a world of pluses and minuses, men and women, light and dark, hot and cold, black and white, true and false, love and fear. We live in this polarity world, and this is where the mathematics do not work, and I would expect they wouldn't work here because everything here is in that separateness. However, the beauty of these new theories and the way that they tie into the ancient and indigenous traditions – both of life-and-death and life continuing after death, what we call the death – is that they require this higher dimensional experience, and the higher you go in these dimensions, the mathematics become simpler and simpler and simpler, and they actually unify in the higher dimensions – very, very simple mathematics.


“[T]he reason that this is interesting is because what the studies have now shown is that when you and I have a feeling, a coherent heart-based emotion in our feelings, those emotions are actually coherent, they’re linked, they're in resonance with these higher dimensions where everything is one. So, when we are having an effect, when we have a feeling and we see a physical effect in our world, it's not that our feeling changed something in this three-dimensional world. Rather, our feelings are speaking to the blueprint in the higher dimensions, and we’re seeing the shadow of that change in our physical world.” This is, essentially, the science behind the law of attraction (as popularized by Rhonda Burn in her book The Secret) in the spiritual community (more on that later).

He continued, “A growing number of mainstream scientists are now putting forward an idea that is gaining tremendous momentum regarding consciousness, who we are in consciousness, the nature of our physical reality and how things really work, and when we first hear about this idea, it almost sounds like science fiction. And then we ask, ‘Where does science fiction come from?’ Many times, it comes from the intuitive hit of how the world works and what's possible, and then it becomes the reality of our world. What these signs are saying, MIT scientist Seth Lloyd, for example, in his 2000 book Programming The Universe, literally is proposing that our entire universe and consciousness is either a computer in and of itself, that the universe is a quantum computer - this is what they're saying – or if the universe is not a quantum computer, the universe is the simulation that is being run on a big computer somewhere.”


Admittedly, this sounds pretty out there, but Gregg Braden “began to explore why mainstream physicists at leading universities would begin to look at things this way.” He compared computers, what he knew of quantum computers, and how they correlated with this theory of reality. Gregg Braden was a computer systems designer for Martin Marietta Aerospace during the cold War years, so he was very familiar with computers and their programming languages, and the more he looked into it, the more the theory came together.


“Every computer has a language for the user to get things done,” he said. “Consciousness is the operating system of this ‘universal computer,’ and belief is the language that it recognizes. Every computer turns bits of information off and on to make things happen.” He thought to himself, “[I]n the universe, we don't have bits,” but he began looking closer at the comparisons, and realized they're looking at, literally, the stuff our world is made of – atoms. That’s what they are calling the bits in this quantum computer of reality. “When the atoms are turned on and in physical existence, they are reality. When they are not turned on, they are unatoms or anti atoms or anti matter that are not in existence[, and] they're taking this so seriously, this proposition that we may literally be living a simulation of some kind, that they’ve done mathematic modeling to determine the probability that we are or are not living in simulation, and the mathematics suggest strongly that we are living in a simulation.”


He continues with explaining the importance of this comparison and says, “when we begin talking about the soul, what the ancient, indigenous traditions say to us is that while a part of our soul speaks and experiences through this body, we're not really here at all. That our higher self is a part of a greater existence. And we always go like this, ‘It's somewhere else’ [motioning to the sky], expressing through this body. We just came back from a tour in Australia, and the aboriginals in Australia, as well as many other traditions [around the world], say this isn't the real world, this is the illusionary world. And they spend more of their time in what they believe is the real world, in what we would call the dream state. So, all of this ties together when we talk about life-and-death, existence, consciousness between lifetimes. Where do we go when we leave this body? From the perspective of these new ways of seeing things from physicists and quantum physicists who are looking at this as a simulation, it's when our part of the simulation is over, it doesn't mean that we are gone forever, it just means that we're no longer expressing here and we're in those higher dimensions wherever the simulation is being run from. So, it is a fascinating concept, and the more we begin to explore it, and when you look at the mathematics, and they plug in all the variables, they say it's more likely than not that we are actually living in a universe that is the result of a massive simulation that's being run from somewhere else.”


Crazy right? Dr. Braden said, “Sounds like a Star Trek episode,” and he’s not wrong. He continued, “Seth Lloyd is the man, the MIT physics professor, who's developed the first feasible, viable quantum computer, and he says even in the infancy of our computers, a quantum computer is so powerful, it wouldn't take much more to model an entire universe on a quantum computer.” Granted, this is not accepted as scientific fact yet, but Dr. Braden explains, “[E]ven if it's only a metaphor, even if we only use this as a metaphor, it's a powerful metaphor that allows us to hang our beliefs up on. Because whether it is a physical reality or a metaphor that we live in the simulation, the bottom line is this: that if we understand the language that this reality recognizes, then we are no longer limited by the laws, the relative laws of physics as we know them. It means that we no longer have to suffer in our lives or age, or we don't have to have the poverty and the disease, we don't have to have the war. If we understand the language, then we literally can rewrite the reality code that runs our real or metaphoric simulation.” In his opinion, as stated above, “Consciousness is the operating system of this ‘universal computer,’ and belief is the language that it recognizes,” hence Joe Dispenza’s claim that “if you change your beliefs, you change your life.”


So, what does this all mean really? This suggests that every new moment, every ‘now’ is a new opportunity for us to “take the training wheels off and recognize that we are empowered to speak the language that this intelligent reality recognizes and create and live the way we choose to live.” He explains this by comparing the old way of thinking with this new way of thinking. He says, “[W]hen I was in school… we were taught that this is a physical reality made of atoms, and our atoms… look like little solar systems – they were modeled as little solar systems with things in the middle called a nucleus with other things orbiting them like electrons – and those days are long gone. We now look at atoms, rather than things orbiting around other things, we look at them as concentrations of energy in space and time where there are no clear-cut things. [W]here this gets important is… if you change the field of energy that the atom lives in, you change the atom. You can change that field electrically, or you can change it magnetically, and there are terms for these effects: the Xenon effect [and] the Stark effect are well documented effects of electrical and magnetic changes in the field to change the atom.


[W]hile it sounds technical and maybe not relevant, where it gets really relevant very fast is our hearts are the strongest bioelectrical and magnetic field generators in our bodies. Our hearts generate stronger electrical fields than our brains[, and t]hey generate stronger magnetic fields than our brains. Our hearts are 5000 times as powerful magnetically than our brains, and we hear about EKGs of our hearts that are up to 100 times stronger than the EEG, the electric information in our brains. So, when we create thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs, compassion, prayers of forgiveness in our hearts, that's the words that we call those experiences, but to the field, what we're doing is we're creating electrical and magnetic waves in here [pointing to his heart] that are now known to change the stuff out here [pointing outside his body], and in that way we are linked. So, when we talk about our universe possibly as a simulation, it tells us that we are not separate, that we are empowered, not to control or manipulate or impose our will, rather to participate as Princeton physicist, John Wheeler suggests, to participate in the way this reality unfolds, to participate in our personal growth and healing, in the healing of our loved ones, to participate in the peace that happens in our families and between nations[,]” and that right there is why I bring this up – to participate in our personal growth and healing.


Your time with me is all about your healing, and if you choose to not participate, you certainly don’t have to. I just want you to know that you can if you choose to. As it would imply, though, personal growth is personal. More specifically, it’s personal to you, making the single point of accountability, once again, you. Whether with me or at a later time on your own, the journey of personal growth will, if seen through to the end, inevitably lead you to the realization that the power to create your own reality, good or bad, has been inside you all along. It’s an innate part of the human condition; it’s constantly going, there is no off or pause button, and you’ve been using it all your life. It may have been on autopilot, but it was still creating your reality reflecting back to you your own perception of who and what you and those around you are.


This journey of personal growth is why I have put so much time and effort into this area of my website. Learning that you are not some helpless little peon, and more importantly, unlearning all the thoughts that accompany the mindset of helplessness, will not only change your life forever, it’ll exponentially amplify the effects of our healing sessions together. At some point along that journey, you’ll hear something that will click it all into place, and that will signal the moment that there’s no going back. Excitement will take over, and you’ll be eagerly awaiting every opportunity you have to apply this knowledge, to do the work, and to affect every aspect of your life you aim to change. There really are no limits to its application.

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

- William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet

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The Role Of Quantum Healing Facilitator 

What's in a name? I pose this question as a reminder to try to not get too lost in the terminology being thrown around the holistic, alternative, non-allopathic medicine community. Words are language, and words in the language of science will be different from words in the language of spirituality or religion. Just like someone that speaks French used different words to say the same thing as someone that speaks English, words are just words, so try not to get to hung up on them. For instance, Deepak Chopra coined the term "quantum healing" in his 1989 book with that title, but had he called it something entirely different, it doesn't change the practice itself. Two different practitioners might be speaking about the same phenomenon while referring to it by different names, even in cases where they’re both using the language of spirituality. I’m just pointing out at the end of the day, it makes no difference.


I'd also like to take a moment to dispel a common misconception about what I do. Some people believe (some practitioners included) that it's the practitioners themselves that are doing the healing, thereby proclaiming themselves as "healers." Personally, I would respectfully disagree. Rather, I look at myself as a medium bridging the divide between the practitioner and the "medicine" that's doing the actual healing. For example, if your doctor hands you a pill that cures your diagnosis (not just addresses the symptoms like most pills do, but an actual cure), is the doctor your healer, or is the pill your healer? Or perhaps is the manufacturer of the pill (the minds behind the creation of the pill) your healer? It doesn't really matter; I'm just pointing out the fact that it's not the person that handed you the pill. Much the same, it’s not that I'm healing you, it's that I'm helping you access the healing you need.


While this may be a subtle distinction to some, it's not to me. I believe the notion that some savior practitioner holding the power to your healing in their hands and their hands alone because they possess something you don't and possibly never will is, at best, very disempowering to you, and at worst, an existential fallacy. In my view, as your quantum healing facilitator, I will be facilitating, aiding, or helping you with the healing process that is to occur within you through the benevolent presence of the immutable, omnipotent, infallible, creative energy that connects everyone with everything across all of creation. Whether you call this energy God; the Universe; Gaia; or my preference, Source Energy ("Source" for short), it is this energy that I'm helping you receive. In my above analogy, this is both the pill and the mind(s) behind it — this is your healer, not me.


Everything you need to heal is already available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You are never "alone." Source never abandons you. I stress this because of its importance to the equation of your healing. Self-awareness is imperative for growth, and to be truly cognizant of who and what you are (not who and what you think you are) and accept that awesome power and worthiness will change your life forever. If every human being on the planet gained the awareness that they themselves are whom they've been waiting for, not someone or some "thing" outside of them, the world would be a very different place, if nothing else, a healthier one. Unfortunately, like most people, myself included, we typically need to be shown this truth, we need to see it for ourselves, to experience it in the first person. When fully grasped and engrained into the neural pathways of the subconscious mind, it becomes a habit, a daily practice, and it acts as a type of liberating force that's virtually impossible to put into words, it’s something that must be experienced.

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

- Arthur Conan Doyle

Image by Lacie Slezak

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.

- Winston Churchill


The Truth Shall Set You Free


This is where we Segway into the spiritual. Like many of my pears, I feel most comfortable here; this is my playground. Regardless, as I said before, the message is the same. You are who you’ve been waiting for you, you are not alone, you are loved, you are worthy just by being born, the power of creation lies within you, and you can change your life (health included) if you learn how to harness it. Where spirituality comes in is that it would only add to that message, not change it: Source abounds in and all around you, and you can access it at any time; goodness, health, happiness, and love are the default programs of existence, not pain and suffering; and you are more spirit, eternal energy, and soul than you are flesh and blood.


It is this immutable truth that is the knowledge bridging the divide between where you are and where you want to be – that new, healthy, happy you. This truth, this emboldening principle, regardless of how improbable it may feel to you in this moment, is still the truth. Malice can attack it, and it does, ignorance may deride it, and it will, but in the end, there it is, resolute in its reality.


To intellectually understand the concept that you are a powerful being unconditionally loved by source frolicking through existence creating your daily reality with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions is one thing, but to accept it and implement it is an entirely different story. Firstly, it can be quite a jagged little pill to swallow. I say this because that's how I felt at first. Remember, I had to do it myself, and I can certainly attest to the challenging realization it presents. For me, I just could not wrap my mind around how I did this to myself. If we’re going to take it at face value, that’s what it means, right? If nothing outside of me was to blame; that, technically, there is nothing outside of me because separation is nothing more than an illusion; that the ancient Mayan saying "In lak’ ech, hala ken" (translating to: 'I am you, and you are me' or ‘I am another yourself') isn't just a cool concept or a trendy tattoo but an actual fundamental principle of reality; that Source is abundant, omnipresent, and accessible to me always; and the only thing that can stop that stream of goodness that is my birthright to flow through me, protect me, heal me, and guide me is me, then yeah, I guess I did do this to myself. That’s pretty straight forward. If separation is an illusion, and I do exist, then everything is me, and I am everything, so when assigning blame (not that it’s necessary), there is only one thing to blame, me.


It’s not that it made me feel guilty or like a failure or anything. I don't say this as a preface to releasing the floodgates of self-deprecation. On the contrary, it's supposed to be empowering, liberating, completely freeing. I mean, have you ever heard the saying, “accept the things you cannot change?” Well, if everything is happening within you because you are all that is, then you are controlling everything, and there is nothing you cannot change, right? The implications this has on forgiveness, the endless possibilities the future holds, the power of leverage to accomplish those possibilities, and the very concept of 'limits' itself are boundless. If everything is truly limitless, including yourself, then so is your future and the possibilities it brings with it. It’s that simple.


Sound insane? That’s why I started this section with these two quotes: “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth” and “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”


For those of you with a religious background, this will feel like blasphemy or heresy. I don’t really want to get into religion though, primarily because of the social guideline of refraining from discussing religion or politics. I have no desire to offend anyone, but for clarity’s sake, that does not mean I have something offensive to say. It also doesn’t mean that what I would say would be taken the way I intend, in a respectful and unoffensive manner. Instead, for those of you curious about the how religion (at least Christianity, anyway) ties into this, I would highly recommend looking into a man named Neville Goddard. He uses biblical scripture to explain the ideas I’ve discussed here. He is my husband, Kurt’s, favorite teacher on the topic -- which makes sense because he had a religious childhood and knew many of the scriptures referenced. Kurt said it blew his mind and was the missing piece of the puzzle for him. Seeing how all the different languages were saying the same thing, Kurt’s conviction exploded after that, and he’s never looked back.


In Neville Goddard’s view, the Bible is telling us this very same message as science and spirituality. I couldn’t even begin to explain his work, but based on what Kurt says about his time at church during his childhood, Neville Goddard’s explanation of scripture is very different than anything you’re going to get in any church. In fact, Neville's message would itself be considered heresy, something Neville admits being true, too. With that in mind, if you have a religious background and prefer the language of scripture, Neville Goddard may be able to bridge this cavernous gap for you and make this transition easier. I asked my husband for a recommendation on where to start with his work, and he recommended what he calls his favorite book (ever, not just of Neville's), Your Faith Is Your Fortune. And with that, I will gently and respectfully close the door on my section on “religion.”


It was different for me; I didn't have a religious background. I was more spiritual, not to the degree I am now, but I believed in something, I just didn’t know what for sure. I enjoyed spirituality’s non-hierarchal fluidity. It was empowering to me, yet ethereal, and gentle in message. It involved another world on the cusp of this one: intangible, though, not completely beyond reach and experienceable, but not always 'effort-ably' so. Some people seemed more “connected” to it than others, able to interact with “it” and even manipulate it. I had no clue why this seemed to be the case, but I figured it was like anything else and boiled down to practice and experience.


My views back then were and still are hard to explain, but I didn’t believe in a single creator, a “God,” a single mind responsible for creation, a sole creative force, an energy at the core of all that is, or a source of everything. In my mind, nothing made me. I was just born, a product of biology. For that reason, I couldn't ask perhaps the most important question I would eventually ask that really jumpstarted my awakening: If there is an omnipotent, omnipresent, energy responsible for all of creation, what are the odds that it made me imperfect; has abandoned me because of my imperfection; and/or gave me this disease, condition, or symptom to suffer with my entire life without any hope of reprieve? I mean, even reading that right now, don’ you have a “Well… when you put it like that…” response, it sounds unlikely, doesn’t it?


My acceptance of a sole creative force was not overnight for me, not even close. My husband had been chipping away at my “shell” for years, trying to feel me out on different concepts he had been studying on his own time, and it wasn’t until I heard Abraham Hicks presentation of what Source was that this concept really began to resonate. For those of you unfamiliar with Abraham Hicks, Esther Hicks is a woman who channels non-physical entities called Abraham (not the Biblical Abraham). As she explains it, when she channels and becomes one with Abraham, the name Abraham-Hicks is used to define the alignment. She opens a communication with Abraham and receives what she refers to as a block of thoughts that materialize as if Abraham is speaking through her. Abraham's message is based on the law of attraction (or law of assertion) and is equal parts empowering and entertaining.


Abraham describes the basis of life as freedom and the purpose of life as joy and refers to Source Energy ("Source" for short) as the Source of all that is, was, and ever will be. It's a source of goodness, love, and joy and is always there to guide you to your path of least resistance to get to where you want to go. I highly recommend you check out the Abraham-Hicks books and audios, but there are many teachers on the subject, and I feel that you should always follow your intuition and what resonates with you at the time.


The reason this really resonated with me was because, to me, if there was a God (a word I don't like to use for a number of reasons), a creator, a centralized being responsible for existence, it would have to be one that embodied a perfect and unconditional love, and that’s how Abraham made Source sound. Now that the idea of a single source of creation (Source Energy) had been made more palatable, I was able to entertain it. In doing so, I was finally able to ask the question I didn’t even realize was a question before: “What are the odds that Source Energy, the embodiment of perfect and unconditional love, made me imperfect; has abandoned me because of my imperfection; and/or gave me this disease, condition, or symptom to suffer with my entire life without any hope of reprieve?” When I asked it, I could immediately feel my body reject it as absurd. Something perfect doesn't make imperfect, and as it made me, I must be perfect, right? In fact, if there is no such thing as separation, then “it” and I aren’t even separate, we are one; I am “it” – I am Source. Then it hit me! What the heck?! If I am Source, and Source is perfect, then how am I suffering in this body so much?


Here I stood on the precipice of my entire reality. I had listened to so many different takes on reality and this was the only one that resonated. My gut was telling me, “This is it,” and my gut had always been a guiding force in my life. It had an impeccable track record, and most of the horrible things that happened to me occurred when I didn’t listen to my gut. My gut rejected Christianity because it couldn’t get behind the idea that God loves me, but he's a vengeful, wrathful creator holding us to impossible standards, so when we deviate from them “he” can judge us and possibly condemn us to hell. I mean no disrespect when I say that, but right or wrong, it was impossible for me to acknowledge that as the blueprint of reality, let alone accept. I couldn’t get behind the idea of no life after death either. That life is exactly what you see, just randomness, and when you die that’s it. That was equally unpalatable, and once I eliminated the impossible, whatever remained, no matter how improbable, had to be the truth, right?


Don’t get me wrong, this definitely sounded improbable at first. Separation isn’t real? I am everything? You are me? I am you? That chair is me? What??! But at the end of the day, not only did it resonate, I was also staring down the barrel of science and history! This is an ancient, likely timeless, notion that is also being corroborated by modern science. To not investigate it and give it a chance was "crazier" to me than the message itself. 


After the initial clobbering of the realization that there might actually be a source of everything, I stood stupefied in the wake of the question, “What do I DO with this information?” If both source and I are one and the same, at least fundamentally, then something outside of that fundamental framework must be getting in the way, so what the 🤬 was it!?


This was my introduction to the concept of the ego as popularized by Eckhart Tolle in his book, The Power of Now. I’m going to paraphrase (if not butcher) this but, essentially, it’s like a program imprisoned in your mind, determined to keep you alive at all costs, even if it results in your absolute and total misery. To me, this sounded like what I’d known to be the reptilian mind, the animal within concerned solely with self-preservation, but he takes it further than that. It’s recognizable as that little voice in your head that never shuts off; the one berating you for every little decision you make or fail to make; challenging you to stay the course no matter how futile it's proven to be; coaxing you to take action, no matter how harmful and self-defeating it is; coercing you into more of the same because it's safe, because you’ve done this before, because it didn't kill you then and it probably won't this time either; because this is what you know, this is your reality, and it's warm, cozy, livable, and familiar. Not only is this voice the very antithesis of growth because it keeps us in our known worlds, the areas of life we’ve already experienced, it's also something we identify with; we think the voice is us when it’s not. You know it’s not, too, because you can stand back and observe the voice, and if you can observe without participation, it’s not really you.


Full disclosure, the Eckhart Tolle chapter of my life was a brief one. I couldn’t really get too into the ego idea, but it did get me thinking. How I incorporated it into my knowledge base was this: you are both human and Source; you are more source than human; the source side of you (your “higher self”) can affect the human side of you (including the world around the human and your experiences in it); and the human side of you can affect the human side of you, too, effectively acting as a virus in your own consciousness causing you to create a reality around you that gives it purpose. Remember, the ego’s purpose is to keep you alive, protect you, solve problems, etc. Without threats or problems, it has no purpose which threatens its existence. The Source side of you, on the other hand, knows there are no problems and is resolute in its infiniteness. As the saying goes, you can’t serve two masters. My time with Eckhart Tolle just reinforced my faith in Source, my eternal safety, worthiness, and power. And last but not least, that power in me can only be utilized in the present moment because the present is the only moment that exits, hence the title of the book: The Power Of Now.


Building on the idea of your thoughts being a saboteur, Dr. Joe Dispenza, like Gregg Braden, is recognized as having a foot in science and a foot in spirituality, too. He’s a researcher, lecturer, author, and corporate consultant who holds a Bachelor of Science degree; is a Doctor of Chiropractic; and has extensive post graduate training in the fields of neuroscience and neuroplasticity, quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) measurements, epigenetics, mind-body medicine, and brain/heart coherence. According to Dr. Dispenza, “If you want a new outcome, you will have to break the habit of being yourself and reinvent a new self.” He explains that we have about 70,000 thoughts each day, 95 percent of which are habitual or unconscious. Each one of these thoughts creates our perception of the world we experience, so quite literally, we don’t perceive what we see, we see what we perceive. The first time I heard that figure, I was blown away. WHOA!! 🤯 95%??! Is that true? That's crazy!


The “we create our own reality” message in there wasn’t unfamiliar, of course, because regardless of the teacher or the language (science, spirituality, and scripture) used to relay it, the message remains essentially unchanged.


For those of you a little unclear as to what he said, in summation and to use me as an example, Dr. Dispenza is saying that I'm not perceiving an objective reality (a singular truth/reality that is happening to me) because there is no such thing. Instead, I'm creating a subjective reality (an amalgamation of truths that exist only to me, a customized reality based on my beliefs), and in that subjective reality are all the experiences I'm living, both good and bad (whether an illness, poverty, or something else). How Source fits into this is as the Source of me, the creative power behind my existence. It’s not that source created me imperfect (my illness or disability), it’s that I took the perfection of my natural human state (a being with the innate human ability/power to create any reality I want), and because I had no idea how to use this power, I created a reality that includes illness.


Essentially, the all too familiar voice in my head, let's call it my ego, is a well-meaning (self-preservation), yet wholly ignorant and inefficient voice that has the sole objective of keeping me safe and alive. It's the autopilot when I'm not deliberately controlling my thoughts, so most of the day, it's responsible for generating my thoughts, apparently 95% of them. Because thoughts are a frequency, that frequency attracts like thoughts (like frequencies) to it, and that’s how I get to thinking 95% the same thoughts today as I did yesterday. These thoughts then activate my innate human, creative power of consciousness. Those thoughts attract more thoughts, feelings, and emotions on that same frequency and my consciousness gets to creating experiences in my life that will allow me to feel more of those same feelings and emotions and think more of the same thoughts on that same frequency. The end result is that I'm living the same life today that I lived yesterday; the pain in my joints stays, the diagnosis continues to play out (generally worsening), and I associate more and more with my body and symptoms. I start to accept – “I am a person with rheumatoid arthritis" (or whatever the condition or diagnosis is) as a truth, and the cycle continues.


While, admittedly, that's a lot to chew on, "the truth is incontrovertible,” right? You can attack it with malice -- you can deride it with ignorance -- but in the end -- there it is. So, if this is the truth, then I should be able to heal me, not to mention create a bunch of experiences to enjoy with my new functioning body, right? I there really are no limits and "The field," as Dr. Dispenza calls it, holds infinite possibilities, everything is energy and frequency, and my life is what it is because I dialed into a specific frequency, then why don’t I just adjust the dial, so to speak, to a better frequency by changing my thoughts, creating new scenes in my mind, and generating new feelings and emotions? Then I’ll just keep repeating 95% of those thoughts each day until my reality changes. Duh?! 🤷‍♂️ Sounds simple, right? What may be simple in concept, isn't necessarily easy in practice.

I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.

- Gerry Spence

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A Belief Is Just a Thought You Keep Thinking


This idea you can change your reality with your thoughts is widely accepted as the basis of the law of attraction. I have no intention of going down the law of attraction rabbit hole, but it does aid me in explaining how a shift in your mindset can change your reality, and because you are here to do just that, using all the tools at your disposal to do so would be beneficial from both a time and effectiveness standpoint. The law of attraction is one of those tools. This knowledge that you can change your mind and change your life brings with it opportunity; hope; and, if used effectively, real, tangible change – an end to suffering.


The difference between thoughts and beliefs is that thoughts can be fleeting and capricious, whereas beliefs are resolute and persist. Essentially, a belief is just a thought you keep thinking, but at their fundamental level, beliefs are thoughts, the same thoughts Dr. Dispenza says we keep repeating each day. It’s that repetition that turns those thoughts to beliefs because over time, you accept those thoughts as facts, and you start to believe them. What this means is the hurdle separating you from your goal of health (or anything for that matter) could be a thought you keep thinking that has engrained has blossomed into a belief and is now responsible for creating your subjective reality, a reality that includes your health predicament. Abraham-Hicks would call that thought “arguing for your limitations,” that resulted in you “pinching off Source,” but remember, a rose by any other name smells as sweet. It’s two ways of saying the same thing – you are creating the problem.


By way of example, this thought could be inspired by an article you read discussing genetics and how your mother's breast cancer makes you X percent more likely to die from it, too. Once you learned this “fact,” you obsessed about it and not only made sure to go for your regular mammograms, but even more just in case. The obsession turned to fear, you start making dietary changes and lifestyle changes to ensure you never get breast cancer (that thing you’re always thinking about), but you know that number, that percentage, that likelihood, and you know that no matter what you do, you could be that statistic. Then, one day, out of seemingly nowhere, there you are sitting in your doctor's office getting the news, you have breast cancer. So, was this because of the statistic, are you just a victim of probability? Or is this because of your obsession with it? 


It doesn't have to be something you're obsessing over, though. It could even be something you claim you don't believe, and it's possible you don't, at least intellectually. Rather, it could be an experience you had, deeply engrained in your subconscious mind, in your nervous system, something you're either not actively thinking about or even repressed entirely. You can't remember it at all, yet it's acting as a guiding force in your daily reality.


For example, if you were physically abused as a child, and your personal space, your bodily autonomy, your safety and comfort was threatened for the benefit or pleasure of another, to a child's mind, the accompanying message might be that you are not worthy of respect; that your needs aren't important; that your space isn't important; that you don't matter; that your body isn't yours to control; and no matter how hard you try, you have no control over what happens to it. In the back of your mind, you're left believing that it's possible that any number of unthinkable evils can occur to your body at any time and there's nothing you can do about it; you're alone, and no one will step in to help you; you're powerless, life is cruel, evil even, and living is a series of mostly random, unpredictable, uncontrollable acts that mostly cause struggle and pain.


In this situation, as it was with me, you move on, you stop thinking about it. It just becomes your reality, your day-to-day existence and not necessarily worthy of a conscious thought by you at all. It’s not like you’re walking around reflecting on the horrible things that happened to you, a childhood rape, the bully in middle school, etc. In fact, in one instance with me, I had completely repressed the memory altogether. The point is, whether you think about it or not, it shapes you, your perception, how you feel, and the way you approach life. It's responsible for the light that you see the people around you in, how you react to them, how you treat them. It can become the cornerstone of your reality. Your memories are thoughts, your thoughts create feelings and emotions, draw more like thoughts to them, instill beliefs, and you’re off to the races broadcasting a frequency into the universe, the field connecting all matter, until it's finally projected onto the fabric of reality, your reality, the tapestry of your life. Using a radio as an example, if it’s tuned to one particular signal, one particular channel, the listener (you) will only hear what's on that one channel and will only experience what's on that one wave length, that one vibration, that one frequency of energy, and in this case, that frequency brings more struggle, pain, feelings of inferiority, unworthiness, fear, a total absence of ease in your life, or -- DIS. EASE.


The very word disease is comprised of "dis," a Latin prefix meaning “apart," and "ease" resulting in a state "apart from ease." The separation from or absence of ease is simply the absence of the natural ease of life, the ebb and flow of energy, your natural state as an extension of Source. The fact that you're experiencing disease in the first place is nothing more than a kink in that umbilical-like "cord" connecting you to the life-giving energy of Source, your higher self. The boundless - almost unfathomably so - unconditional love that is trying to reach you every single moment of your life hasn't left you or forsaken you, it's been cut off from you, not by Source, but by you, and you do this through your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

What To Expect During Our Time Together

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Your Healing & What to Expect at Eyeland Paws

After this barrage of self-empowerment, you might find yourself wondering, "If healing is a process managed by the body, fueled by Source Energy, and available to me all the time, what do I need you for?" My answer to that is be based on my own journey to healing and somewhat nestled in the question itself. Whether of the mind or body, healing is a process, and in many respects, the latter is actually much easier than the former. But awakening is also a process, one that can't be rushed, no matter how much you'd like to. You've likely heard the phrase, "Life is a journey, not a destination." I believe that life is a process (like a journey is a process) of finding your way home, of awakening, of getting back to Source.


You, like myself and every other human being, are on that journey right now. I don't like to think of it as "farther ahead" or "farther behind," but in the time and space of our three-dimensional reality, that's how journey's work, in linear fashion. To reluctantly use these terms, all that means is you are a bit farther behind in your awakening than I am, though, there is a good chance you are much younger than I am and, therefore, you are actually farther ahead than me. Regardless, you're still learning, evolving, and working your way back to Source. You're in the process of remembering who you really are, what you're really capable of, and not only what it means to have Source as a guiding light in your life, but to recognize that guiding light is actually you, your true nature, your higher self.

In the meantime, while you're continuing on that journey, there's me, and I'm thrilled, honored, and humbled to be afforded the opportunity to help someone else along their journey. That being said, not everyone is in the place where they can receive help. That's not judgment. I just know, personally, I wasn't for many years, and I've met many people just like that. This can be for any number of reasons: the symptoms your experiencing, the underlying problem itself, and the severity of either; your mindset about them; your receptiveness to the truth I've explained here today; and even your willingness to accept the limitless possibilities of a full life just to name a few. Whether you're seeking healing for yourself or advocating for a loved one that can't advocate for themselves such as a non-verbal autistic child; a parent that doesn't believe in this new-age mumbo jumbo; or even a pet, regrettably, I've learned over the years that I can't help everyone. For this reason, I schedule an initial consultation. I've laid out the entire process (including the initial consultation) in as simple a manner as I can considering the necessary details, of course. Just click the button below to learn more. If you still have questions after that, click on ''Ask A Question' under "Contact" in the main menu.

The Entire Process
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