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The Process: The Detailed version.

If you're wondering exactly what this whole process looks like from consultation, to making a payment, to sessions, updates, what's expected of you, etc., then this is for you. If you want the short version, just click the button and you'll be on your way there. You can also play an audio of the longer version, if you'd prefer that over reading.

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The Consultation

When you're ready to get started, the first step in the process is the initial consultation. Its primary purpose is to gather some information about your specific condition/situation, create different treatment plan options for you that cater to both your budget and the problem itself, discuss how you would prefer to communicate during our time together, and help set expectations as to progress and healing. I operate on a framework of transparency. Trust is very important in any collaborative venture, but when it comes to your body, your health, and your well-being, it's that much more imperative to earn and treat with respect. I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable. Remote energy work seems to be fairly new to most people, and I find that this newness generates a lot of questions. I feel it is important to answer those questions, and if someone needs their hand held through the process, I will do my best to do just that. If, however, you happen to have no questions and want to dive right in, that's fine, too. I will still need to do a consult, but we'll speed it along as best we can and get started as quickly as possible. 


The consultation also acts, in part, as a screening process. In rare situations, I have found that I am actually unable to help. This is rare, but they do occur. The number one reason for this is the person reaching out to me is doing so as an advocate for someone else (whether a child or another adult), but the actual client doesn't want the service. I can't force myself onto someone. Not only is it not possible for me to make the connection, but it would also be highly unethical.


Another situation I see where I can't help is with clients who think the type of work I do is nonsense. This is very rare because most people would never search for me in the first place, let alone end up contacting me, if they thought what I did was nonsense. However, it does happen. When people get desperate, and many understandably are by the time they find me, they start grasping at anything. While desperate (again, understandably so) and truly do want the help, they're just not receptive to what I do. Their disbelief trumps their desire to be healed, and the connection suffers for it to the point where improvement will be minimal at best. In these cases, I disclose this up front, and if they want to move forward, sometimes I will, but I'm certainly not hopeful in these situations. I wish it was different, but the mind is a powerful thing.


Lastly, another reason I may not be able to help is that some people's entire identity is wrapped up in their illness. They have either never known life without it, have reached a point where they can't remember life without it, and/or are so immersed in their condition that they can't imagine life without it. That is a powerful, often insurmountable blockade. What's more, the presenting illness doesn't even need to be a severe or completely debilitating one for this to be true. It's truly remarkable how much of a role our minds, thoughts, feelings, and emotions play in the realities in which we live, but it's that same power that allows me to do what I do. Like many things in life, it's a double-edged sword, and like gravity, it's completely objective in its application. Again, these situations are rare, so to give you a conservative figure you can work with, I'd say there is a good 95% chance I can help you.

In having the consultation, I can avoid giving false hope. I don't want to tell you I can help you or your loved one just to find out during our first session that I can't tap in, or the proverbial soil is not conducive to healing. By implementing a screening process and taking the time to look into your unique situation, I've been able to pinpoint those that will best benefit from my time with them and those that will not. It's my sincerest desire that you see the benefit of this approach rather than feel the anticipation of potential rejection. It's not meant to be like that at all, and like I said, these cases are rare.


Also, if you found this website, you're likely open to my work. You may not fully understand it or be completely on board with everything I've written on this site, but a seed has been planted, likely before you arrived here, and germination has already begun. That alone can be enough. 

To start your initial consultation, either click on the link in the site menu or at the bottom of this page and fill out the contact box there (there are other methods of communication available there, too), or click menu at the top of the page, then click "Get Started," and finally click "Go Right to My Free Consultation." The instructions are over there, but to briefly summarize, you'll be telling me about the situation, who I'll be working on, their name, what type of illness/symptoms they have, and anything else you think I should know. Just know that I have a form for you to fill out after the initial consultation that will go into significant detail about your symptomatology, so you don't have to be overly comprehensive here (though you're welcome to) because I will need it again later. For this reason, it might be better to type it up in Microsoft Word, Evernote, or some other software and paste it into the contact box, email, Telegram, etc. This way, you can copy and paste once more into the form (typically in more detail because this form begins your file) that I send you once I determine I can help you and you decide to move forward with treatment. I will also need you to attach a portrait picture of whom I'll be working on (shoulders up like a passport photo). The picture helps me establish the connection with them.


Once I have the initial consultation information, I will tap into them (connect with their energy), the underlying issue (and its energy), and look for feedback (much of which is experienced as intuition and imagery) on my ability to help heal it. It doesn't take very long, but it is a necessary step. When I'm done on my end, I'll send you a message letting you know if I can help you, and if I can, I'll ask you for your availability so we can set up a thirty-minute phone call to discuss your situation further. Often this call is less than 30 minutes, but due to my schedule, I really must end it at 30 minutes. We can, however, still communicate after the call via any of the methods available on the contact page of this site. 

The phone call is for several reasons. Firstly, I think establishing that I'm an actual person goes a long way. Yes, I know it's the internet age, and it's wonderful that we can get our Panera Bread goodies delivered to our front doors without having to speak to anyone, but you're hardly ordering a sandwich here - this is deeply personal. Secondly, a good ol' fashion conversation really helps clarify and minimize misunderstandings. During the phone call, we'll discuss your situation in greater detail. I'll also give you an idea (it's just an idea) of how many sessions I'm thinking your situation calls for and whether I recommend a bundle, plan, or something more customized. This will give you an idea of price, and we can talk more about the details of that at that time.


If, by the end of the call, everything sounds good to you, and you'd like to move forward, I'll send you the link to the Symptoms & Diagnoses form that I'll need you to fill out and return before I can begin your first session. This is the form I referenced earlier, and you can complete it on a phone, tablet, or computer. Please take your time with this because it's a crucial step in the process, not only regarding the results of the healing itself, but when filled out diligently can save me a lot of time, which, in turn, saves you money. 


When I receive that back, I'll either confirm with you that I have everything I need, or if there was something in your form that I need further clarification on, I'll get it at that time. This usually doesn't require a second phone call, but in some cases it does. If so, don't worry, there is no cost to any of this.


Some of my clients suffer from crushing anxiety and can't handle the thought of speaking with me on the phone. If this is the case in your situation and you would prefer a phone-free experience, I am happy to oblige. Your comfort with this process is sacred to me. You're dealing with enough; you don't need anything else on your plate. Let me know during your initial consultation if you would rather not speak on the phone, but don't forget to let me know what your preferred method of communication is.


Once I have everything, I'll put together an invoice and get it sent over to you. At your leisure, you can either hit "pay invoice" on the invoice itself, or you can head over to the Payment Portal of this website; enter your info including your name, invoice number, total, etc.; and check out. Once I see that's done, I'll get your first session in the books, let you know the date it's set for, and sessions will be conducted in the manner I explained above. The date is just to make you aware of how quickly your treatment will start, nothing else. There is no need to align our schedules or for you to participate in the treatment session: no Skype, no Zoom, no phone calls - just go about your day.


You will also receive a follow-up message requesting that you choose a password for your online portal. The portal will give you 24/7 access to everything in your file in real time. You can learn about the Client Portal here.



If you’ve already checked out the Services page of this site, you will see that my appointments are typically based on blocks of time that I call sessions. I say "typically" because this is not the case for some specific services I offer such as the vaccine prep and detox or the surgical prep and recovery. These are not handled in the typical session format for three main reasons: 1) how these need to be performed, 2) the varying complexities and effects of the virtually endless procedures people may be facing, and 3) the varying levels of health of each client at the time of facing the procedure including their emotional state. A one-size-fits-all approach to pricing cannot possibly address all these variables, so instead, I create a custom package for you and your particular set of circumstances. 


For everyone else, there are sessions. Because Quantum Healing is made possible by the notion that everything is connected by a singular, omnipresent, all-pervasive energy, there is no need for me to be hands on with you, to see you, or for us to even speak to one another during a session. This means no traveling, no FaceTime, no Zoom, and no phone calls. In fact, depending on your service, the only time we'll need to align our schedules is for the call at the beginning of your treatment (your initial consultation) and the call at the end of your treatment where we discuss your progress. If you are not comfortable with a phone conversation, this can be conducted via email or messenger in the form of text or voice clips. While we still won't have to meet, see, or speak to one another during a session, the exception to aligning our schedules is if you have a specific date for a surgery, procedure, or vaccine that you would like my help with. If you're looking for one of these, I can explain more about that during your consultation. In the meantime, you can click on the "Services" button in the menu and read more about them at your leisure.

Also, you can choose between my Pay-As-You-Go Plan, my Retainer Plan, or my Bundle Plan. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to this work, but if I had to pick one based on efficacy, I'd have to say a four-week program consisting of three sessions per week would be the way to go. That would consist of 12 hours of sessions, and either the Retainer or the Bundle plans would be my suggestion because of their flexibility with session lengths. A 12-session program is tailored to allow for the perfect balance between time in and out of session allowing the body to heal and adapt to the work completed during the sessions. This healing time creates a receptive foundation to build upon during your next session.

As a general rule, each session is about an hour long, and before I begin, I set a timer to keep track of time. When my timer goes off, I will begin a very brief wrapping up period before I "disconnect" and jot down some closing notes in your password-protected, twenty-four-seven-accessible online Client Portal about how the session went. There are times I don't end the session at the hour mark, but I discuss these situations with you during your initial consultation, and they'll make perfect sense to you then. However, to briefly touch on them now, during your initial consultation phone call, I'll ask you if you would like me to listen to your body or your higher self. The difference being that your higher self knows more about your true threshold. Your body might want to stop to avoid purging effects like diarrhea, nausea, or fatigue, whereas your higher self knows, despite the discomfort or inconvenience, your body can handle it without and real harm. Your preference may affect your session length, but at no time do you ever get billed for time that wasn't spent in session. For instance, if you are on the pay-as-you-go plan and you opt that I listen to your body, if your body has had enough after forty minutes, you will have 20 minutes remaining. The dollar value of the 20 remaining minutes can either be rolled over into your next session, or you can request a refund of your balance; the choice is yours.


If you are on the Retainer or Bundle plans, the dollar equivalent of the forty minutes used will be deducted from the "bucket of dollars" or account balance remaining on your account, as will the exact length of each session after that. The balance on your account will always reflect the value of the exact number of minutes you have left after the time of each session is deducted - to the minute. There's no rounding. This process will continue throughout your treatment program. Your remaining balance can be viewed in your client portal.

After your session, depending on my day's schedule, updating your file with your session notes could go one of two ways: 1) I will upload the notes to your file right after I complete your session, or 2) I'll complete several sessions for several clients and upload everyone's notes at the end; it just depends how the day unfolds. Either way, you will get my notes pertaining to your session on the same day as your session. Lastly, I'll send you a message via your preferred method of communication letting you know the notes are uploaded, and you can go check your Portal at your convenience.


The notes will include the time I started; the areas I focused on; what I saw during the session, any discoveries I made, possible changes or tweaks to my approach I might take next session based on these discoveries, and/or questions I have for you because of these discoveries; and depending on whether you opt for the more detailed approach involving getting exact figures of just how much each area of concern improved, it would include those as well. These figures are determined by muscle testing and depending on how many areas of concern you have, this can be very time consuming. This is an extra charge billed at half my session rate (as explained in the muscle testing section of this site found here).


Muscle testing can be added or removed from your sessions at any point during your program. For instance, if these figures aren’t something you want every session, you can just check in on the figures to see how much it’s improved every four or five sessions instead of each session. If you're feeling like a new person after four sessions, you might determine you don't even care what the figures are, but that's entirely up to you. I bill it at half the rate because, while time consuming, it's much easier on me than an actual healing. Because it saves me effort, I pass those savings onto you in financial form.

Typically, the day following your session will be a rest day as your body heals from your treatment, but this can vary from client to client and is personal and specific to each client's body (as referenced above). Generally, sessions are conducted in an every-other-day fashion. If you had one Monday, expect one Wednesday and Friday. I generally don't work on weekends, but sometimes I do. For instance, if your purging symptoms are such that you need to take a day off treatment, I may work you in on the weekend to complete your three for the week. Keep in mind, while there may be delays in your treatment due to purging effects, your body (in its improved state since your last treatment session) is still healing itself during your non-treatment days, so healing is still occurring.

In the days following a session, you may notice changes in your body, some subtle and some not so subtle. Some may be pleasant (more energy, awareness, alertness, improvements in symptoms, etc.) while others are a little less pleasant as prior discussed (purging symptoms like diarrhea, gas, vomiting, phlegm/mucus production, fatigue sweats, etc.) as your body releases the trauma (physical, emotional, and psychological) addressed during the session. As these occur, I ask that you please send me updates regarding what you're experiencing and how you're feeling, and I'll update your file with the information. If there is anything I can do to help alleviate them, I will, but it will depend on what the symptom is. Something like a headache or migraine can be addressed, but you will want to do your best not to interfere with the purging process. After all, your body is trying to expel it for a reason. 


Lastly, at the very end of your treatment program, we will schedule another phone call to discuss your progress and where you are in relation to your goals. This is not the second time we communicate or anything.  You'll receive plenty of communications from me along the way in forms of daily notes following your sessions and more if necessary. This second phone call at the end is just a quick 15-minute phone call to see where you want to go from here. If you decide to continue treatment, you will have priority in regard to scheduling availability as a current client. If you decide to end your treatment but decide to return at a later date, unfortunately, it will depend on scheduling when I can get you in. Sometimes I can't fit so much as a lunch break in, let alone a new client, but other times it's no problem at all. I don't say this to scare you, I just want you to be aware of the situation, and I'll obviously be able to give you a better idea of what my client roster looks like at that time.

When I say, "If you decide to continue treatment...," what I mean is that during your treatment, you may discover that what you thought was condition X was actually condition A, B, C, D, or E instead. To give you a real-world example of this, I'll tell you about my personal experience with my own self-conducted healing sessions. If you've read the “About Me” section of this site, this is a repeat of what you saw over there. If you haven’t read the “About Me” page yet, this part of my nearly two-decade-long road to recovery was like the last straightaway of the last lap - just a blip at the end.


Long story short, I had a complicated history involving intestinal parasites, though, mostly fictional due to misdiagnosis. I did, however, actually have them for a brief and very unpleasant period of time. Once I started working on myself (something I took a very long time to begin doing for a number of reasons), I managed to kill all of them in one sitting. Unfortunately, the parasites proved to be just one layer causing the horrible symptoms I was experiencing. Once I peeled back that layer, I discovered another: IBD. More specifically, I discovered both IBD1 and IBD2 (two different diagnoses with different symptoms).These only showed up after I stopped taking my biologics for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Biologics aim to reduce inflammation, so the biologics were just masking the inflammation from the IBD, it was always there. My biologics, though, were not the cause of the IBD. 


Unsurprisingly, the cause was emotional, mostly revolving around the theme of feeling unworthy of love and, therefore, not loving myself. I was essentially starving myself of love. To circle back to my point, If I was a client, I would have started treatment thinking I had RA, migraines, insomnia, and parasites but found out I actually had RA, migraines, insomnia, parasites, IBD1, IBD2, and an emotional component to each condition. I cannot stress how important this emotional component is. Without addressing it, it's likely, if not guaranteed, that the conditions would have returned given enough time or, perhaps, even brought something new in their place. We all have layers, and getting to the bottom of those layers, their true reason for being, is imperative to your healing process.


Anyway, there you have it; that's the whole process. Simple enough? If you have any questions right now, click "Ask A Question" below. If you prefer, you can click "Get Started" and head over there to start on an informative start page. You can also click on "Services" to read a little about those. If you would like to hear from past clients, you can check out my growing testimonials page and read about their experiences. I have heard from past clients that it makes what I do that much more real for new clients and almost has a therapeutic effect all its own. It's also really exciting to see how other people have changed their worlds through their time with me. If you would prefer to skip all that and dive right in, click "Initial Consultation" and tell me all about your situation. Thank you for your interest in Eyeland Paws. I sincerely hope you allow me to help you, and I look forward to getting to know you in the process. 

In lak’ ech, hala ken


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