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Client Testimonials

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Client Testimonials

I have recently started asking my clients if they are willing to provide audio or video testimonials about their treatment. Obviously, I have to respect my clients wishes when it comes to anonymity and what they are comfortable with, but for those that are willing to do so, I'm going to arrange it so you can hear it from them directly instead of just reading their words. I have yet to have any takers, though, and that’s perfectly okay, but as soon as I do, I’ll be getting those put up here. Until then, for your convenience, I have a more sophisticated, delicate, and motherly version of Siri that’s ready, willing, and able to read them to you in one long audio. Just click the Play button above. 

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Donald O.

2-Session Bundle &
Later Added 10-Session Bundle

Indiana, USA

With a history of TIAs, it was just a matter of time until a stroke caught up with my wife. The day it happened, it changed the course of my wife's life, but not in the way you might think!

Donald O.

I’m writing this for my wife, not because of the incident, but because her chicken pecking on a keyboard is even slower than mine. My wife had just recently suffered a stroke. She had experienced several transient ischemic attacks (TIA) in the past, also known as mini strokes, but this was her first stroke. I came home to find her in the kitchen preparing food. I have no idea how she was even standing, but when I spoke to her, it was as if she couldn’t hear me. She completely ignored me. I walked up to her and gently put my hands on her shoulders to let her know I was there and said, “Honey?” She turned around and collapsed in my arms.


She refused to go to the hospital. It wasn’t the words she was saying, she was just grunting and shaking her head. I know my wife, and her motions, while deformed from the norm, were pretty clear; she wanted me to let her lay down in bed. I can’t say I blame her. The hospital did virtually nothing with after her first, second, and third TIA, so what was the point? Despite being scared, I respected her wishes (she’s not one to be messed with), and shortly after I got into bed next to her, I remembered about a woman my wife had told me she discovered recently who did remote healing work. She told me all about it because she loved the idea of not having to go out into the cold to see a doctor; she could just stay at home while this woman worked on her from wherever she was.


To be honest, it made no sense to me, but all I knew was my wife loved the idea, had planned on calling this woman for her arthritis but hadn’t gotten around to it yet, and given my wife’s wishes to stay in bed and not go into the hospital, this was the only thing I could do for her. I couldn’t communicate with my wife and had no clue who the woman was, so I went into my wife’s office to look on her desk where she usually keeps her notes, business cards she gets, receipts, etc. I found the information she wrote down: “Remote healing, Tanya,” That rang a bell because the paws part of the name jumped out to me when my wife had told me about it before. I was only half listening then (guilty as charged), but I do remember thinking “paws” was weird to be in the title of a healer of people, but then again, healing from miles away was already nuts in my book (not anymore!)


I went to the website, got the phone number, and called Tanya, but there was no answer. While leaving a message, I saw the “phone call disclaimer” button on the website, clicked it, and read that calling was the least likely way to reach her for a number of reasons. My heart sank, but as I kept reading, she had listed out other methods that were much better, so I got to work on those. I messaged her on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram (something that was new to me), email, and the message box she had available on her Initial Consultation page. Not bad for an old man with chicken--pecking fingers, but I had to do something.


It was about three hours later that I received a Telegram reply from Kurt, her husband. He was really nice and explained that he doesn’t do any healing work but instead helps with the running of the business as much as he can. He told me that in my haste, I had forgotten to include a picture of my wife, but Kurt assured me that when he received it, he’d make sure I would get a reply today to let me know if and when Tanya could help. It looked like Tanya had a full roster that day, but he wasn’t sure and said he would check with her.


I immediately sent Kurt the picture, and less than an hour later, Kurt messaged again. He said Tanya would be able to get my wife in that day, he included an invoice, and a brief explanation of what to expect. He also said that for Tanya to be able to fit my wife in that same day, we’d have to skip the usual phone call that she does before treatment, but if I was comfortable with that, I could just fill out the form (there was an attached link in the message that took me to the form), and we could go from there. I agreed and filled out the form. I just included the one issue, her stroke and the symptoms that accompanied it, and a brief description of some of her major traumas from her life (there were many, but I just included the big ones). I hit submit, paid the invoice, and waited.


I don’t know why exactly, but an overwhelming sense of relief came over me. I say, “I don’t know why” because none of this made sense to me. How Tanya was going to do anything for my wife when she wasn’t here with her sounded crazy, but for some reason, I felt relief, and a lot of it.  


About three hours later, I got a message on Telegram (apparently Telegram’s the way to go!). It was the same chat Kurt had replied to me in, but it wasn’t Kurt, it was Tanya. This time it was an attachment with a play button on it. When I hit play, I could hear her voice like it was a voicemail (pretty cool! Like I said, I’m old). She introduced herself and told me she had just finished with my wife. She was already done! I ran into my bedroom like I was expecting to see something, but there was nothing noticeable. My wife was just asleep on the bed.


I won’t go into detail about everything Tanya said she saw, but I will tell you the before and after. When I first laid my wife down in bed. She couldn’t communicate but for slurred noises (not even slurred speech), she couldn’t walk, had no coordination in any of her movements (even with her arms and hands), couldn’t balance even sitting up in bed, and she looked overrun with fatigue. Again, I have no idea how she was standing at the kitchen counter when I got there. As soon as she looked at me, she collapsed. It was like me touching her activated the stroke, though, I know that wasn’t it.


Anyway, after my wife woke up a few hours later, she was almost totally herself. Her communication, balance, coordination, energy, everything – it was almost completely back. If I have to give it a number, maybe 85% back. I was blown away. I talked to my wife, told her everything that happened, and she didn’t remember any of it. She was so excited I remembered about Tanya and called her, but we were both just kind of beside ourselves with everything.


Tanya had figured that it would take her two sessions for the stroke symptoms to subside and another three to five sessions for the emotional trauma. I didn’t fully get it, so I just got the two up front and thought I’d just let my wife handle the rest when she was able to. Honestly, I still don’t get it. I just know it works, but two days later, after Tanya’s second session, my wife was totally back to normal, the rest of her symptoms disappeared, and it was like nothing had happened. She was even out running errands less than 72 hours later. Amazing. This whole experience was just amazing.


As I’m sure you can imagine, my wife stampeded forward with her treatment with Tanya. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but to briefly touch on some of her other progress, my wife had been dealing with unbearable full-body sweats for over 20 years, something predating menopause. It was so bad her clothes would get damp to the touch. Depending on what she was doing that day, she might have to change clothes four or five times throughout the day, and every day was at least two showers. Again, this went on for 20 years. I don’t know how many specialists we saw for this, but it was a ridiculous number. I don’t even want to think about it; the time, the money, the frustration, the disappointment, it was awful. There was nothing I could do to help her. Here we are just two weeks later, and Tanya has almost completely reversed it. It’s still there but barely.


She’s also had issues with finishing her food for about the last five years. I know portions today have gotten a little out of control, but that's not what I mean. She can’t take but a couple bites out of a burger before she feels full, sick, and nauseous. This triggers the sweats I just talked about, and the whole thing frustrates and angers her. It got to the point where even the thought of eating stressed her out. Again, we’ve seen so many specialists for this and only one person had any effect, another holistic energy worker (a totally different style to Tanya), but the effects were temporary and required us to keep going back. Two weeks into her time with Tanya and she’s back to full portions; no nausea, sick feeling, nothing. As far as her Arthritis goes, the original reason she was going to contact Tanya, her pain is much better, and she’s already opening jars on her own, something she’s not done for years.


We’re both so grateful to have found Tanya, and we’re excited to see where this goes. We heard for years that TIAs lead to strokes and with each new TIA and stroke, we were told the next would become more likely. Having Tanya in my wife’s corner makes us feel so much better that this statistic doesn’t have to include my wife, and this escalation of symptoms is now a thing of the past. Fingers crossed.

Amy R.

9-Session Bundle

Michigan, USA

Brain tumor, loss of hearing, & autism, all in a three-year-old boy. This story is ongoing, but with a beginning this miraculous, I am so full of hope!

Amy R.

My non-verbal, autistic, three-year-old son had a mass in his head. While suspected to be non-malignant, this was absolutely terrifying.  To make matters worse, I was also told that the mass (tumor?) could account for him being deaf in one ear and only 28% hearing in the other.


A friend of mine told me about Tanya; I looked at her website, and after a short while, I decided to take a leap of faith. I was familiar with energy healing in that another I had used one particular intuit/energy healer in the past for several reasons over the years, and she, too, confirmed the presence of the mass and level of my son's hearing, but she wanted us to take him to a hospital, and that was the end of it. I was already going through the motions that would end up leading to surgery, my hope was that I could avoid it by utilizing energy work, and that's how I found ended up with Tanya.


Anyway, long story short, after Tanya was through with our sessions, he was up for his pre-surgery MRI. Just like Tanya told me, she had removed it all. There was no mass! Not only that, when my son had his hearing test, he passed it with flying colors, again, just like Tanya said he would. I'm just jaw-dropped, but facts are facts, and that is just beyond incredible!

I'm currently working with her on my son's autism, and I'm so excited to see where this can go. This would be life changing for me and my family. It's early days, but I'll report back as soon as I have more to say!

Person Getting Vaccinated

James H.

Vaccine Prep & Detox

Ontario, Canada

After seeing what had happened to many of my coworkers and hearing all the conflicting information on the news, facing my COVID vaccination was a very scary time for me. Tanya not only relieved my worries, she made me feel better than I had in 20 years!

James H.

When I found out that my company was going to start requiring vaccination here in Ontario, I had no idea what to do. Obviously, I had to get it because I had obligations - bills to pay, mouths to feed, etc. - but I had heard so many horrible things about it, and I felt cornered and overwhelmed. Through a series of events, I was referred to Tanya. I was new to energy anything, let alone remote healing. My friend who referred me assured me of just how real it was and what his experience with Tanya and other energy healers had been in the past. I really had no other option, though I hate to say that now because it makes it sound like and “I guess you’ll do” kind of a thing to Tanya, but it was more that I had no frame of reference, was a bit panicked, and just way outside my wheelhouse.


After speaking with Tanya, she made it sound so simple. I didn’t have to do anything. I so didn’t understand. The day before, I felt like a million bucks. I couldn’t believe how energized I was, and I don’t mean the caffeinated jittery kind of energized either, not even the good sleep kind of energized. It’s hard to explain. I received a message from Tanya explaining what she had done. She confirmed the time of my vaccination the next day and said she’d be with me before to make sure everything looked good, during to ensure it was neutralized immediately, and afterward just in case there was anything that needed sorting, including any emotional fallout.


Anyway, the time had come, and I received my first of the two shots (Pfizer requires two shots), felt the jab, felt the liquid go in, and felt a little sore a few minutes after the injection – a pretty normal vaccine experience, really. About 30 minutes after my vaccination, I got another message, and Tanya told me everything she saw and did and asked me how I was feeling. Honestly, I was feeling amazing! Granted, this was just the first of the two shots, and I had heard the second one was much worse, but so far so good!


When I got my second shot, the experience of the actual shot itself was the only thing that was really different from the first: I had the same amount of energy as I did the last time, I felt great, etc., but the shot itself was the first time that any shot had gone this way. It was really weird. I could feel the piercing of the skin by the needle, but I didn’t feel anything being injected into my arm. There was no swelling effect, no heat, nothing. There wasn’t even any soreness in my arm, nothing! Again, about 30 minutes after the shot, I received another message from Tanya telling me what she did. She told me she did something a little different this time because her intuition took her in a different direction. All I know was everyone else in my office received the same vaccine, but almost all of them were leveled by it. Some took days off work and here I was feeling 20 years younger; I didn’t miss a beat!


I can’t recommend Tanya enough. Not only is she talented, but her bedside manner, her communication, her bubbly personality, all of it is wonderful; you can tell she cares so much. Definitely check her out. I promise, you won’t be sorry!

Marta F.

8-Session Bundle

Ontario, Canada

Four dogs and two gut-wrenching, hellish nights, and Tanya somehow manages to turn it all around in an hour. You're not going to believe this...

Image by Bruce Warrington
Marta F.

I'm fortunate enough to call Tanya my daughter, and in this case, knowing her was literally a life-saving event. There was an incident with four of my dogs one day. They were out in the dog-run and two of them were acting very strange. They were weak and stumbling and there were several piles of vomit spread out over a good-sized area. They had clearly got into something, though what, I had no idea.

Tanya was so new to healing at the time, I didn't even think about calling her at first. It was pretty late at night when it happened anyway, and I just tried to nurse them as best I could. One of them was so bad, I didn't think she was going to make it through the night. Sadly, she didn't. Where we live, the closest vet is hours away, and she will no longer see my dogs because they have also been to American vets. There was some kind of crazy stigma in my town when it came to America and COVID, and just seeing a vet in America (appointments predating COVID, mind you) apparently meant they could no longer be seen by the only vet even remotely close to me. Anyway, the only person I could think to call was a friend of a friend who was a vet in a completely different part of the country, and she was actually on vacation. She was kind enough to answer as a favor and told me what I was describing sounded like Parvo, but without a vet, there was nothing much that could be done for them, they would probably all die. I felt sick to my stomach hearing those words.


I continued to do what I could that day, but that night, we lost the second one of the four. The next day, Tanya called me just to say hi. I still didn't think to ask her for help, I just told her what was going on. When I told her, she immediately got to work. When we hung up the phone together the other two were still pretty sickly looking, weren’t eating, were lethargic, skittish, not drinking, and had diarrhea. One was looking slightly worse than the other, but I at this point, I thought both of them were going to die just like the other two, especially hearing the likely diagnosis of Parvo from the vet.

What happened next was just incredible. It wasn't even an hour later and both of them were up on their feet walking around, eating and drinking like champions; their diarrhea stopped; energy levels were in full throttle; they were back to jumping up and down on their doghouses; coming in and out of the house; and it even got to a point where they were eating so much, I had to cut them off, so they wouldn’t end up vomiting.

One of the two was really shy by nature, and for the first time ever, she came up to me and laid down in front of me as if to ask for affection. She let them rub her back, belly, face, ears, and under her jaw, and she has never done that before! Tanya continued to work on them for the next few days just to make sure, but from that first session on, it was almost like it never happened. The next day, though, one of them was moping around a bit. not like they were sick so much, more like they were sad. I knew Tanya was working on them that day, so I just let it go. When Tanya called later that day, she told me that's exactly what it was, he was heartbroken at the loss of the other two, but by the time she called, he was totally back to normal.


I feel terrible that I didn't call her sooner, but thank God she called when she did, or I know for sure we would have lost all four of them. I know I'm biased because she's my daughter, but trust me, she's incredible! I still can't believe what happened once she got involved. She's my vet now, and whenever I have an issue with my own health, you best believe she's my first call there, too.

Animal brown horse

Linda M.

4-Session Bundle

Michigan, USA

What do you get when you take a crazy horse through 5 paddocks at two stables? One heck of a story!

Linda M.

Brown Town, my four-year-old horse was a handful when I got him. Feisty, free-spirited, and always the ringleader, if there was trouble, you'd find him at the center of it with a look on his face like, "What? It wasn't me," but of course, we knew better. After moving him from one boarding stables to the second, and three different paddocks in the second one, it was time to put Brown Town in a paddock all by himself. At that point, we were thinking it was more "doesn't play well with others" than "my crazy's ten layers deep," but apparently it was somewhere in the middle.


The only paddock where he could be alone was a high-anxiety paddock near the front of the property. There was a lot of traffic, both cars and people, and the sounds and commotion drove him nuts. On his first day in the paddock, he completely freaked out and kicked a portion of the fence down. Owning a horse is already expensive, so having to pay to fix the damage one causes as well, that's not something any horse owner wants to do. And this wasn't his first rodeo, if you catch my drift. This horse was becoming a problem, but man I loved him.


I had heard about holistic, energy healers in the equestrian world and went online to see if there was anyone in my area. I had heard amazing stories, but I had never met anyone that had the work done, so I was still a bit skeptical. I didn't have the money to pay to get him into a horse-training program, so I thought I'd hope for one of these miracles, too. I read Tanya's about section and saw that she was an equestrian herself and had experience with horses both firsthand as well as working with them energetically (how she used to "bubble" them to calm them), I was over the moon excited. Here was my miracle!


When he was first moved to the paddock alone, I could barely recognize him as the Brown Town I knew and loved. He had gotten so much worse. It was as if he was completely wild; he was totally out of control. When I spoke with Tanya initially and told her my story, she figured based on her experience that she'd need four sessions and she'd do them as back-to-back as his body would allow. When I went back out to see him just two days later, he wasn’t just better than his crazed self from two days prior, he was better behaved than he had ever been! I don't know how she does it, but omg was it worth every penny! It wasn't just like horse Xanax because there were no side effects. He wasn't sedated or anything, he was just... well... a different horse. I mean, he was still quirky ol' Brown Town, but he was calm, chill, trusting, and friendly. This might be Eyeland Paws, but she definitely knows how to work with hooves, too. 

Melinda T.

Vaccine Prep & Detox + 5-Session Bundle

Michigan, USA

When I found Tanya, I wasn't just rock bottom, I was skipping across the ocean floor in a weak attempt at survival mode. 

Melinda T.

I’m a 40-year-old nurse and single mother with four children under nine years old, two of which are special needs. I’m under a tremendous amount of stress, both at home and at work, and things didn’t just start catching up to me, I thought I was literally in my last days. I’ve had insomnia for years, but it has only gotten worse since my fourth child’s birth because he has trouble sleeping and wakes me up all hours of the night in screaming fits.


By the time I found Tanya, honestly, I was just hoping that any one of the many things I was trying at this late stage in my regression would work, Tanya was just another one of them, but so far, nothing had worked. During my initial consultation, Tanya had to tap into me to take a quick look for guidance on what package she thought I’d need. She said she’d never seen anything like it before. Naturally, that made my stomach sink, but she quickly eased my worries by explaining that what she meant was this was exciting to her to be able to work on something new. She muscle-tested me and determined the best route to go was a 5-session bundle, and depending on what else was unearthed, we’d just go from there.


Tanya messaged me after my first session was done, but I didn’t get to check it for quite a few hours later because I was at work. I was having THE BEST day at work. I hadn’t felt this energized in years, and this was following yet another night of poor sleep, so it didn’t have anything to do with being well rested or anything. I didn’t know it at the time, but apparently, this was going to be a pattern with her sessions; every time she worked on me, I got a magical boost of energy.


When she messaged me after the second session, she told me she saw a ton of toxicity throughout my entire system, most notably my organs. This got me thinking, and I remembered about a methane gas leak I was exposed to in my old residence that I didn’t find out about until years later when the damage was already done. I asked her if that could be it, and while she suspected that was likely a major factor, she muscle-tested me to confirm her suspicion, though, it wasn’t the sole cause, which I’ll explain in a second. After that second session, I not only had that boost of energy, but I felt an overall shift in my body, something I can’t really explain.


Tanya asked me to get to thinking about what the other toxicity might be from. I gave her some insight, at least what I could remember, and she muscle tested to determine if any of them were the cause. It turns out that the other main form of toxicity in my body was due to my work as a nurse. I had been subjected to weekly COVID nasal swab testing for the prior six months, and now that I think about it, this is when everything got really bad for me. Yes, I wasn’t sleeping, but that wasn’t new. Something shifted for the worse over the winter. I knew it! I just couldn’t put my finger on it. That made perfect sense. It was almost as if I was being slowly poisoned.


In my third session, Tanya started in my nasal passages. She said my sinuses were inflamed, and she asked if I my headaches or migraines had worsened since the swabs started. Omg did they ever! I didn’t connect the dots until she said it, and these ones were BAD bad; nothing seemed to help no matter what I tried. She spent the next two sessions working on the toxicity. Again, each session I felt better and better, but the testing wasn’t going to end. It was a mandatory weekly testing, or I would lose my job. I told her that the only way I could avoid this in the future was to get vaccinated, but there was no way I was going to do that after seeing all the side effects firsthand that people were suffering from.


I knew from her website she offered a vaccine prep and detox, but I had no intention of getting vaccinated and brushed it off. Tanya brought it up again to me at that moment and while she said, of course, there were no guarantees, she told me she had tremendous success with it in the past. Considering what the swabs were doing to my body, I thought maybe I should try it. I knew all about the infancy of the MRNA experimental injections they were calling vaccines and there was no way I was going to take those, so I reluctantly decided to move forward with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and have her detox me from it.


By the time I took the vaccine, she had been working on me for about a month. On the day of the vaccine I was scared, yes, yet somehow confident and even oddly excited to see if I was going to feel amazing again today. Like how much sorcery does this woman have?! But also, a lot of that excitement was due to being able to avoid any future COVID testing. Talk about a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders. Especially now that I knew it wasn’t just a pain in the butt, it was also slowly killing me.


The shot came and went and once again, I felt amazing and energized just like after every other session. I did have a bump and some pain at the injection site and wondered what that was about. She muscle tested me to confirm everything was okay. She got back to me later that day and informed me that the painful bump at the injection site was actually being used by the body as a detoxification egress. This was in part because I had been COVID tested since our last detox session as well as because of my food allergies. At this point in my life, I hadn’t made the commitment yet to eat clean, so during the time between our last session and the vaccine prep and detox, I had accumulated quite a decent amount of toxicity. In her 5-hour prep for the vaccine, a lot of detoxification work was done, and muscle testing revealed that my body was removing it through the injection site. The bump went away in a few days, and I continued to feel great, so in the end, everything worked out perfectly.


After my five sessions, I have decided to keep working with her, made a commitment to eat clean, and have started a three-session-per-week program that we will assess as it comes to an end. I can’t believe how much better I feel, how much lighter I am on my feet, and remembering the days before working with her are fading more and more as the days and weeks pass (though, they were nightmares I will never forget). I don’t know what I would have done had I not found her. I also intend to see if she can help my two special-needs children, especially my youngest, so he can sleep through the night again. I’m very excited! It comes down to finances for me or they’d already be signed up, but I am determined to make this work!

Image by Alicia Gauthier

Michelle A.

4-Session Bundle

Ohio, USA

My little fur-baby is 21 years old and still going strong. Okay, maybe not "strong," but definitely against all odds. Thank you, Tanya!

Michelle A.

Duke is my 21-year-old baby. Yes, he's a dog, but he's not just a dog to me, he's my baby. At 21, you can imagine he wasn't doing so well. He was on his last legs, and we were left with that awful balancing act between facing having to put him down if his quality of life regressed any more than it had. I have always been into holistic and alternative medicine, and I'm no newcomer to the energy healing world. I hadn't had luck with my local reiki practitioner, though she's wonderful and has really helped both me and my husband in the past. Unfortunately, this just wasn't the case for old Duke. 


I reached out to my holistic medicine Facebook group, and one of the members there told me about remote energy healing and recommended Tanya. When I spoke with Tanya, I explained that I do not expect a life-altering healing or anything. I was mostly concerned with keeping him comfortable in his end days. Tanya tapped into him and told me that this likely won't take more than two sessions because, for being 21, he was actually doing quite well.


After his session, he was perkier than I had seen him in at least a year. It was already more than I hoped for. She told me she bubbled him (something she explained in more detail in her message) and strengthened his overall body, making movement around the house easier for him; stimulated his appetite because he was having issues eating; and encouraged the little guy to not be scared. She showed him what she calls the other side of the veil and just how beautiful it is, and she said she explained to him that he should let go and enter these long deep sleeps his body was trying to take him into, how healing they are, and that he wouldn’t just feel better afterward, but he'd also have fun while sleeping because he'd be his younger self on the island while he did. He'd be able to run around and play with all his new friends, as well as his old ones (our other two dogs we had that had already died). 

Apparently he was listening because boy did he sleep HARD after that. There were times I had to check on him to make sure he was still alive. When he was awake, though, he was so much more himself. Every bit his age, but mobile, happy, cuddly, and excited about eating. It was exactly what I needed to get out of that horrible balancing act. I got two more sessions for Duke that I used over the next month, after which Tanya told me I shouldn't need any more unless I notice a turn for the worse, and if so, she'd be there. I'm very thankful we crossed paths. I have no doubt you will be, too.

Haley B.

3-Session Bundle

Michigan, USA

When the vet told me no, Tanya told me yes, and that's all I needed to try. I'm so glad I did, and from now on, she's my first stop outside of vet emergency (action needed now), and even then, I'll ask Tanya to do follow-up work.

Image by Neil Cooper
Haley B.

Truffles is a ten-year-old dog in complete kidney and liver failure with pancreatitis, hypothyroid disease, and Cushing’s Disease. The vet said he believed there were other issues as well, but there was no point in diagnosing them because of the condition of her kidney and liver and she was, essentially, “gone” already. The vet told me she wouldn’t make it another two weeks, and my options were to either put her down or take her back home to live for her remaining days. She was in really rough shape, and even though the vet told me her condition wasn't painful, so it wasn’t inhumane to take her home, I was still fearful that her remaining days would not be pleasant at all for her. She still seemed fairly happy and was eating just enough, it was just that she was like the walking dead (a total skeleton), she could barely urinate, and she had really bad diarrhea.


By the time I found Tanya, I had accepted Truffles' fate, and I was really just looking for someone that could make her comfortable in her remaining days. After just one session, her energy levels went through the roof, her appetite completely returned to normal (I had to cut her off), and her diarrhea went away entirely. Over the next two sessions, everything got that much better, and before I knew it, I basically had my baby back. She was a lean, healthy, active, vibrant dog, something she'd not been in at least two years. The only difference is she wasn't overweight now. Before she got sick, we had trouble getting her to lose weight. It's eight months later now, and she's going as strong as ever. She's not on any medications, and my vet can't believe what's happened. She's thrilled, as am I, but she can't explain it. 

I can't even put it into words. I'm just so happy. She's like family, and Tanya may have bought me years more with her. I don't fully understand how she does what she does, but she does it nonetheless. I can't imagine anyone regretting their time with Tanya. 

Image by Rodrigo Barona

Mark W.

4-Session Bundle

Michigan, USA

Our big baby, Platypus (Plat for short), is an 11-year-old dog who wasn't doing so great. He had several health issues, and one heck of a psychological one; he was terrified of the stairs. "Big scary stairs. I just can't!" or so he thought; it turns out he was wrong. But it turns out a whole lot more than just that. 

Mark W.

Platypus (Plat for short) is an 11-year-old dog who, at the time, had a recent diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease, a long standing struggle with pancreatitis, and PTSD dating years to before we ever got him that displayed as severe anxiety and a whole bunch of fun little quirks. He was taking pills for both his Cushing's Disease and his anxiety, but we pilled him sparingly for his anxiety because of the medication's side effects. We also felt that they didn't do that much for his anxiety. It stopped his pacing, but shy of that, we didn't really notice anything.


The big issue we had hoped to cure was his fear of the stairs. We have a fairly steep set of 16 stairs going from the deck down into the back yard. He never had a problem going down the stairs but coming up would terrify him. He’d stand at the bottom barking and whining for someone to go down and carry him up. You could see the fear in his eyes. He’d even pace and hop a bit as if he’d been forgotten and there was no way for him to save himself.


After just one session, he immediately did it on his own; no hesitation whatsoever, like he was an entirely different dog with no history of the problem at all. My wife and I looked at each other like, "what the heck just happened?!!?" Unfortunately, though, when it was time to do it again the next morning, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. It was as if he hadn’t just witnessed himself do it with ease the evening prior. He's such a goof lol. Tanya told us we might see immediate results, but it wasn't likely that they'd take after just one session. I understood, but even with the warning, I was a bit shocked at how fast he flipflopped. It was literally back-to-back attempts. He could do it one evening and couldn't the next morning! 


Tanya continued to work on him for three more sessions, and after the third session, he's never looked back. He has been running up and down the stairs as if he’s been doing it his entire life. It’s not only amazing to see the progress, but it’s great to see him have so much fun running up and down them. He seems pretty chuffed with himself like "Look at me dad, I'm a big boy now." 


Tanya also told me that while in her sessions, she noticed that his neck and back muscles were extremely tight and was likely feeling some discomfort because of it, if not pain. That blew my mind because Plat's always had this thing about his shoulders. He likes to roughhouse, but he won’t let me rub or massage his shoulders; he tries to nip at me. She said she cleared him of this, but whether it played a role in helping him with the stairs, I’m not sure, but it definitely helped his overall wellbeing and demeanor.


Another weird Plat thing was his hiding under the bed. We figured it had to do with his anxiety and PTSD, as did our vet. Since Tanya began working on him, instead of being terrified of everything in the bedroom, he now spends the majority of the time on the bed with us and our other dogs or on the little dog bed we have on the floor out in the open (not under the bed). And last, but certainly not least, his Cushing's is in full remission. Just like that, gone. It's not been that long since his 4th session, but he got into some peanut butter and we thought for sure he'd have a pancreatitis episode, but nope, so maybe he's over that, too!! 

Mia E.

11-Session Bundle

Michigan, USA

Plankton was 14 years old. He's a small dog with a small-dog attitude (always trying to take over the world, hence the name #SpongeBob), but sadly, it looked like his antics were coming to an end. Apparently, not on Tanya's watch!

Image by Maria João Correia
Mia E.

At the time we found Tanya, Plankton just about had it all. Despite a lengthy vet history, monthly vet bills that looked like BMW payments, and a significant drug regimen not far off Keith Richards, he somehow still had coagulated blood, Cushing’s disease, muscle atrophy, liver disease, stage--four periodontal disease, thyroid issues, mild cholesterol and PSL, was completely deaf and long-distance blind, and we had almost lost him two separate times. He had two episodes just a few months apart where we thought for sure this was it. Both times he went into extreme panting fits while he otherwise laid there motionless, and then the panting stopped completely, and it was just the motionless remaining. The second time lasted so long we think he may have even died and somehow come back, we're honestly not sure. He clearly isn't ready to go. With everything he has, it's a miracle he has any fight left in him, though, we're glad he does because we're not ready to say goodbye either. 


A friend of mind told us about energy healing. She had heard about it with horses from a friend at her stable. She didn't have a recommendation for us, though, because the woman that told her said the person she uses just works on horses. I took to the internet and found Tanya. I mean, Eyeland Paws, right?? If that wasn't a sign, I don't know what is. Thank God I did.


It wasn't even a few sessions in with Tanya and he got much more alert. You could tell he was hearing things again. He would look around quickly as if he was spooked. Almost like he couldn't make sense of what noises were. He was more responsive to gestures, food being placed in front of him, and the movements of our other dog. Before we knew it, he was back to the old Plankton. At least the older version of him before all the issues. I mean, he wasn't a puppy again, but he was back! My other dog fell right in line. He knew the alpha was back. Poor Terry (that's our other dog), no more going near Plank's food or water.


Tanya's messages after Plank's sessions were awesome. They were detailed and explained, at least as best she could, what she'd done during the session. Some examples are, she said she was able to get his blood to flow throughout his body again, which got his back legs bending, something they hadn't done for almost a year. They were stiff like mini stilts. He's definitely more mobile now, but he's still very much 14. He stumbles and sometimes falls, and I think he's a bit thrown by the fact his rear legs are bending again, but overall, there's a definite improvement. 


Another example is Tanya told us she found a tumor on Plank's adrenal gland that was causing his Cushing’s Disease. I immediately got him into the vet to confirm. I mean, I was new to this stuff, and all I heard was "tumor" and freaked out, so I wanted to know if there was anything I should be doing on my end. The vet gave him an ultrasound, confirmed there was a tumor, said there wasn't much she could do at his age because he wouldn't survive a surgery, so they would just monitor it. A couple sessions later and Tanya told me she had removed it. What??! I was like, "What do you mean you removed it?" Well, his next ultrasound came up, and the vet couldn't find it. It was gone. Oh, and his Cushings was in remission, too. I'm just beside myself. I have no idea the how, but I definitely know the wow. 

And that's not all either; his kidney disease was gone, too. When he went in for blood work, his kidneys showed they were working totally normally. We have been managing Plank's stage four kidney failure for three years and nothing had changed a month prior to our first session with Tanya. By this time the vet was asking us if anything had changed. When I told her it was due to energy work, she was a little eye-rollish, but she couldn't deny the results. I told her when we hired Tanya and that's when everything started to change. As the conversation progressed, she said, “Hey, after all this what else could it be?” She shrugged her shoulders and chuckled.


It was a few weeks in when Tanya started working on Plank's thyroid. She said she had prioritized his other issues because of how bad they were. On our next trip to the vet, his blood work revealed he no longer needed his thyroid medication either. This was turning into a real-life Netflix series. What was she going to fix next?! Well, Plank's stage--four periodontal disease was still full force. He had been dealing with it for quite some time. It’s a long story how it got this bad, but mostly we had been dealing with vets that really shouldn't have been practicing. This was before our latest vet who's been great, but we went through a series of them that I can't believe have a license to practice. Anyway, Tanya said she'd never done this before, but she'd see what she could do, and that's all we can ask. She said she managed to calm his gums, address his infection, and ensure he had blood flowing where it needed to flow. It hasn't gone away yet, but Plank hasn’t had an abscess or infection since she began working on him, so he hasn’t needed to go back on his antibiotics, which is always a good thing. 

We still have several more sessions with Tanya, but at this point, I think we're going to keep her on and see how far she can get him. If he can get his mobility back to where he can go for walks, even if they are just short ones, that would mean the world to us. 

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Chloe K.

3-Session Bundle

Michigan, USA

My story is virtually impossible to believe. If I didn't live it, I wouldn't believe it, so if you don't, I completely understand. Here it is anyway.

Chloe K.

This is so embarrassing I even asked Tanya to change my name for this testimonial, but it's equally as amazing, so I had to share my story. I had been dealing with intestinal parasites (you read that right) for almost 2 years (you also read that right). Let's not sugar coat it, I had worms by the thousands in my guts. They were causing explosive (a word I don't use lightly) diarrhea of the most emergent kind. It was completely debilitating, had totally changed the course of my life, affected my professional career, and there was absolutely nothing that the GI specialists in my two local hospitals had done that had made it better. Only one of the hospitals acknowledged the cause was parasites. I was given medication that was supposed to kill the, but it didn't do anything. There was no change at all to the symptoms. As far as I knew, I was still infested.

Not only was this something I had been unable to find a treatment for, but I couldn't attempt certain treatments either due to the emergent nature of problem. I was going to the bathroom sometimes 30 or 40 times a day. Something like cupping or acupuncture were out. I mean, when it hits me, I have to go NOW. Even driving to these places was a complete nightmare. I was dehydrated, depleted of all nutrients, lost a ton of weight (that wasn't so bad at first but had now got out of control), and I was even having accidents while I slept. It got to a point where I just wanted to die. I couldn't imagine having to deal with this for the rest of my life. 

I took to the internet, talked to people in forums, was all over Facebook, and kept digging until I finally came across Tanya. At first, I was thrown by the name. Eyeland Paws made it sound like an animal thing, like she was a holistic vet or something, but as soon as I clicked on the website, the first thing I saw was her blurb on treating both people and animals. As I kept reading, I saw that sessions were handled remotely. I had other energy work done in the past, for this issue too, and while it didn't work except for a little temporary relief, it was all on site. It wasn't always hands on (physical touch), but I still had to go to their office. This was new for me. With all the failure I had experienced and hope that had been crushed along the way, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, how would I know she was even working on me? Just because she said she was? Well, boy did I know!

To back up just a second, when I had my consult with Tanya, she told me she was familiar with the issue because she had experienced it firsthand and had to heal herself from it. She told me she was able to trace it to an emotional issue. She's an empath and people latch onto her like parasites, and what was playing out in her own body was the same thing that was playing out in her world. OMG! This was SO me! She further explained that, for her, this stemmed from an even deeper issue of feeling unworthy and unlovable, as if being a host for parasites was the only thing she had to offer. I won't go into more detail, but the emotional side of things tripped me out. Was that why everyone I had seen to date had failed? Well, I was going to find out because I was completely sold. Not only had I found someone that didn't require me to get into a car (one I'd have to pull over every 30 minutes to use the bathroom), but she was familiar with the issue (intimately), AND had success with it. I felt so much better after just talking to her, but I was still a little skeptical because I'd been given hope before. I SO wanted this to be real.


Anyway, after the first session, literally, it was gone! That's not a typo. One session and everything changed. She did tell me in the consult that if they were as bad as I was making them sound, she'd likely have to go right into the second session to complete it. I guess, technically, it was after the second session. Regardless, the first time she worked on me, it was gone. She did a third session to target the emotional component to stop it from coming back, and once she was done, she felt like that was all she'd need to do. It's been two weeks and from what I can see, I’m completely back to normal. I want to cry even writing this. I can't begin to explain the relief; I have my life back!


She asked if I'd like to continue with sessions to address some other things I brought up in my consultation. Of course, I said yes! I have had four more sessions with her, and I haven't felt this great in years. I'm more confident; appreciative of myself, life, and the people in my life; and I feel lighter, less stressed and anxious, and just all around happier. I also had a pain in my right knee that has since gone. It was nothing big, but it was annoying and did affect my gym time. My sleep has improved, my teeth sensitivity is almost not even noticeable anymore, and I don't feel the need to crack my neck as much as I used to. Whatever she's doing, my body likes it, and with what I've been through in my life, she's got her work cut out for her doing clean up in there emotionally.

Tanya is amazing! I'm not saying she has had your problem, but whatever the issue is, my understanding is it'll be emotional at the root of it. No drug is going to fix that, so do yourself a favor and call Tanya. I promise you, the relief is real!

Gwen S.

3-Session Bundle

Florida, USA

I used two sessions on me and one on my dogs. This story is truly remarkable.

Image by Alvan Nee

"Walk a mile in my shoes and then we can talk." I reference this saying, because I reached out to Tanya and Kurt at a very, very dark time in my life. I've had many trials and tribulations, but this last one really did me in. I've tried many things that I hoped would make my life better, only to be disappointed again and again. When I messaged Eyelid Paw, I said "How do you cut the darkness out of your soul."

With a strong faith, I wasn't sure about the work Tanya did, but the darkness was so larger then me, I couldn't not try. I was ready for any red flags that would tell me to run. Tanya's husband Kurt is just as beneficial to their message as Tanya is. Kurt understood my story and offered some very beneficial reading material. With a strong faith in Christ, the reading material that he suggested helped me to understand their work through the lens of faith which helped me let down my walls of skepticism.

Tanya first worked on me, she had some physical healing to do but I think the work she did on my chakras is what made the change. She said it was the worst she had ever seen. Then she worked on my two dogs. My dogs were very sick and the efforts from the vet never corrected the problem, combined with deworming medicine and the energy work that Tanya did, my dogs, for the first time in 3 years are not on antibiotics, diarrhea medicine; or have to be in diapers. It's sounds funny, but they smile now.

For anyone who reads this and is like me with a background of faith and you've been taught not to believe in this energy healing work. I say NEVER put God in a box. Tanya's gift is from God and the results are the evidence. I'm closer now to my Father, then before, I live in the mind of Christ and not my subconscious. My subconscious is where the enemy lies to you, the mind of Christ is love. Tanya's healing gift is from the love of God. This is just the short version of what Tanya and Kurt have done for me. I hope to be able to support their ministry in the future.

If you have worked with Tanya and want to share your story, we would be thrilled to post it here. You can either send it by email, textTelegram, or either paste or upload it in the form below. If you like, you can also upload a picture to go with it. Thank you for sharing your story. It's stories like yours that inspire people to action, and it's that action that helps us affect the lives of our clients. Thank you for letting me help you, and if you do, thank you for sharing your story.

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