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General Treatment Sessions

With few exceptions, my treatment programs are designed around 'sessions.' For comparisons sake, similar to a therapist, you buy a session (a block of time) during which I facilitate your healing. At the end of that time, your session ends, and we pick up next session where we left off. Where things begin to differ greatly from a therapist is your preferred billing structure. I have three different payment structures that I call plans. This is the long version of how those work with all the details. If you would like a shorter version, click here. If want neither and just want to get started instead, click the button!

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The How, The Why, & The Service

You can pay as you go, choose the ease of a retainer, or save money with a bundle 


Handled by no-obligation quote

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Sessions Are Conducted Remotely - No Two-Way Client Interaction Is Required

If you've been researching different practitioners online for a while now before you arrived here, you'll know that the pricing spectrum for this kind of work is fairly substantial. The fact that quantum healing can accomplish things that modern medicine can't (like removal of complicated tumors), the fact few people possess this skill from a percentage of the population standpoint, and the fact there is a lot of confusion encompassing its esoteric and mystical nature, I have seen, heard, and paid some absolutely staggering price tags over the years. In fact, the highest I've heard yet is one I paid early on in my own healing journey. I have no desire to run my practice that way. My goal is to help people, not bankrupt them. For that reason, I've put a lot of thought into my pricing structures; tried a variety of them; and after some trial and error, landed on my current one. I feel it's a nice balance of simple, flexible, and affordable; I hope you feel the same 🙂.

I have it set up where sessions can be paid for in three different ways that I call Plans: 1) the Pay-As-You-Go Plan, 2) the Retainer Plan, and 3) the Bundle Plan. The Pay-As-You-Go Plan is exactly what it sounds like. You pay for each one-hour-long session before the session, and once complete, you book another. Before that next session, you pay the invoice, and we continue like that as long as you choose to continue with your treatment. There is no discount offered with this plan, but it’s commitment free, which is something very appealing to a wide range of people. If you want to end your treatment program for any reason, you just stop booking sessions.


That being said, please bear in mind that one session wouldn't paint a very accurate picture as to where your treatment can go, so please don’t base your decision on that. Depending on what I'm treating, results don't typically start to add up until the third session, but even then, each session has an exponential effect. This is why I say the best approach is slow and steady. Give it the time it needs. You wouldn’t rush your brain surgeon. It takes as long as it takes. Similar to brain surgery, it can even get worse before it gets better. Wake up on the table with part of your skull removed, I’d call that “worse before it gets better.” While different, of course, in the case of your treatment with me, your body will start to purge any waste associated with its healing. If you read the "About Me" section of this website, you know what I'm talking about. It can get uncomfortable and inconvenient sometimes. This is not always the case, but if it does happen to you, don’t worry, it’ll pass, and you come out the other side feeling amazing. This happens in 'allopathic' medicine too, so it's not unique to energy work. If you go through a major surgery like a knee replacement it definitely gets worse before it gets better, but even non-surgical procedures can be this way like Chemotherapy. This, as bad as it was with me, is nothing like either of those though, so don't worry. I'm just saying that it can get worse before it gets better. 


Going back to the Pay-As-You-Go Plan, my session rate is $300 per hour. At the end of that hour, my timer goes off, I record my session notes in your file, and I send you a message letting you know I just completed your session and updated your file with your session notes. I then begin my next client's session. You're welcome to reply to my message, ask questions, etc., but because I go right back into session, my standard reply times still apply. I do my best to reply to you the same calendar day, often in just a few hours, but I typically reply within 24 hours. As a current client you get priority over any new clients, too.


While the Pay-As-You-Go Plan will certainly get the job done, the majority of my clients approach their treatment program as just that, a program, and that's where my Retainer and Bundle Plans come in. Instead of paying per session on the Pay-As-You-Go Plan, they pay for their program in full as estimated by quote during the initial consultation process. This isn't a completely random guess at all. If you're not familiar with the initial consultation process, you can read about it here, but in short, it's a customized plan developed by what I call "tapping into you" and a series of muscle testing (a technique where I ask your body a series of questions to determine what's wrong, where the issues are, how severe it is, etc.). It's not as comprehensive as my Mind & Body Assessment, but it gives me a good idea of what I'm looking at, and where your body is from an overall homeostasis standpoint.

The difference between the Retainer Plan and the Bundle Plan is the retainer offers more flexibility while the Bundle offers savings in exchange for a commitment. To elaborate, if you choose either the Retainer plan or the Bundle plan during your initial consultation, I'll draft and send you out an invoice. When you receive it, look it over and when you’re ready, click the “pay invoice” button at the top of the invoice and pay with your preferred payment method. From that point on, your payment will act as a “bucket of dollars,” so to speak. It’s like “topping up your account,” if you want to look at it that way. Services like muscle testing that are charged at a lower rate will also come out of that bucket just like treatment sessions will at their higher rate. You don't have to keep calling or messaging me requesting invoices for new services or booking your sessions.


At the end of each session, you'll receive a message from me informing you your session was just completed and the session notes have been put in your file. If you want to know how it went, you can just go to the link I provided you at the beginning of your treatment, enter your password, and you can listen to everything that was done during your session. Shy of some questions here and there that either of us may have for the other regarding your treatment (which are more than welcome), there is no need to call or text. That' doesn't mean you can't message me or request a phone call; I just mean you don't need to. You can just sit back and start feeling better while I do the work in the background.

The second and perhaps most important advantage to the Retainer and Bundle plans is that your body doesn't structure its healing process in neat one-hour time blocks. Like in the movie Shrek, Shrek said to Donkey, "Ogres are like onions; they have layers." Well, you are like both an ogre and an onion, you have layers, too. As we remove the layers of physical and emotional trauma presenting in your body, we reveal new layers. If I reveal a new layer nine minutes before the end of the one-hour session, I might need 24 minutes to complete it. If your body isn't kicking me out yet because it's had enough and needs to rest and recuperate, being able to continue for the full 24 minutes will not only be beneficial in your overall treatment program (as completing it all at once would have an exponential health benefit), but it likely will save you money because those exponential benefits will speed up your overall treatment timeline. Does that make sense? That does not mean the Pay-As-You-Go Plan is ineffective, it's just not as ideal as the Retainer and Bundle Plans are.

Like I said before, the big difference between the Retainer Plan and the Bundle Plan is the Retainer offers more flexibility while the Bundle offers savings in exchange for a commitment. On the Retainer plan, you won't qualify for the 10% discount the Bundle Plan comes with which would translate to $30 off per session, or a 'buy-9-hours-get-one-free' kind of promotion resulting in $300 in savings over ten sessions. If you're getting treatment for something complex or advanced, or even several different conditions at once with all their underlying emotional components, these savings can really add up.​ 

The Retainer Plan, however, is refundable. This means if for any reason you choose to cancel your treatment program, the balance remaining on your retainer will be refunded to you. All you have to do is let me know you would like to cancel treatment, and I'll refund you the balance of your retainer. Don't worry, no hard feelings or anything. I promise there will be no awkwardness, no pressure, no funny business, and I'll be here ready, willing, and able, no questions asked, should you decide to resume your treatment program in the future. I do urge you to recognize that this is a process, though. You won't fix a problem you have had for 6 years or even 30 years, in one one-hour session. However, I understand that life happens and maybe you're having car problems requiring thousands in repair work. You might need the money you allocated to your treatment program. The Retainer Plan affords you the option of getting it refunded to then use on your car. Does that make sense? Not that you need a reason to give me or anything. If you want to cancel treatment and get a refund, then that's what we'll do.


The Bundle Plan, on the other hand, is more like buying a gift card to places like Home Depot, Sephora, or Walmart in that it's more like a floating account credit. And just like those gift cards, the Bundle Plan is non-refundable as well. Where I see this the most in my personal life is when I get $10 off with every $100 gift card I buy from my salon at Christmas. I know I'm going to the salon anyway, so I'll take the discount. The commitment makes no difference to me, I’ve already made the commitment, but my salon incentivized me to make that commitment to them, nonetheless. Like my salon, I'm providing a discount to incentivize my clients to make a commitment to their treatment program: a discount of 10%. 


This can also help if you're the type that struggles with sticking with commitments or making difficult decisions. I mean no judgment by this either. I struggled with self-sabotage for years, and if you're like me, abandoning your treatment is exactly that: self-sabotaging. I was a pro at it myself. If it was going to help me, I would find a way (even unconsciously) to abandon it. With the Bundle Plan, once you pull the trigger, you're pot-committed to your treatment program. If this is you, and I'm not saying it is, what otherwise might have been a "drawback" to the Bundle Plan actually turns out to be a benefit because the plan does the dirty work for you. The savings end up just being a bonus of sorts and a nice one at that!

Also, as I briefly touched on already, regardless of which of the three plans you select, your account will keep you up to speed every step of the way. You'll be able to see how long the session took; how much of it was healing time versus muscle testing (billed at two different rates - muscle testing is half the price); and either see and/or hear all the session notes for each session in an organized, chronological fashion. For those on either the Retainer and Bundle plans, you'll be able to see how much is left in the "bucket of dollars" and see exactly where each dollar went. 


To elaborate more on the Bundle Plan's incentive to make a commitment to your treatment program, what I mean is approaching your health from a long--term perspective like you would your gym goals. Like building muscle and burning fat, slow and steady wins the race when it comes to healing (or preventative care for that matter). While it's true that a single session can get results you feel, it's also true that if you're just doing one session, the progress made, even if significant, is only part of a much larger imbalance that, if left alone, will just undo everything I did during that first session. My goal is to get your body to a position to continue its healing on its own. If your body's homeostasis is still days or weeks off, my progress will be wiped clean if treatment is stopped after one or two sessions. Granted, this isn't the same with everyone; it depends on the individual, the number of ailments presenting, and the overall condition of their body when they begin and end treatment.


Sessions aren't meant to be used like Band-Aids in the same manner pills shouldn't be: it won't solve the problem. If you're going to just get one session a month, you're just buying yourself time for that month. You're not really fixing the problem. It might help with the symptoms, but remember, it can even get worse before it gets better because of the purging effect. I can't stress enough the need to commit to a program if you're really looking for long-term change. It's like weed whipping your flower garden versus pulling the weeds out at the root, hence the phrase, "Getting to the root of the problem." Shy of lifesaving, emergency-room situations, a long-term, methodical, multi-faceted, and thorough approach to your healthcare is the model best followed. That doesn't mean it's going to take us years (or even months) to make a difference, but if you are suffering with a drastic enough imbalance that it's presenting as a buffet of symptoms and diagnoses, we could be talking a month or two of three sessions a week. All this will be determined and discussed during your free, no-commitment consultation, so don't worry about having to guess on this.

Another thing to think about pertaining to your healing is everyone is different. I know... profound, right? 🤔 🙃 My point is that those infinite differences mean you can't compare yourself or your situation to anyone else. If you've been referred here by a friend who had amazing results in two sessions, that doesn't mean you will experience the same. For example, if your friend just had an annoying pain in her left wrist that was bothering her carrying groceries, it may have been a fairly quick fix. For instance, after the first session, we may have addressed the pain, and after the second session, the emotional component behind it. Assuming they were both fairly small, voila! Problem solved.


However, comparatively, if in your case you have a whole slew of ailments ranging from skin rashes to joint pain, high blood pressure, a hyperthyroid, insomnia, migraines, or even tumors, it's likely going to look quite different. After the first session, the only thing you might notice by the end is a lower blood pressure figure that night when you check it before bed while everything else stays relatively the same. Maybe you get a little more sleep than usual that night, but nothing close to the eight hours you're hoping for by the end of your treatment. Then, after the second session, you start to get a little more sleep and your knee feels a little bit better, but you're still not 100%. Things progress similarly over each new session, and over time, you're back together. Regardless, the fact remains, every situation is different, and I'll do my best to prepare you for what to expect before, during, and after your time with me.


At the end of the day, healing is a process, and it takes as long as it takes. That doesn't mean it takes a long time either. While not always the case, I have been able to get incredible results in a short amount of time (just two or three sessions). My point is, it's likely going to take longer than a session, which is understandable considering that, in most cases, there is more than one underlying issue. I mean, if nothing else, there's that pesky emotional component lingering at the center of virtually everything.


However you decide to move forward with your healing, I wish you the best of success, and if my Bundle Plan, or even my pricing structure in general, can save you some money in the process, that makes me very happy. 🙂 ❤️

In lak’ ech, hala ken

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