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A Simple 1-2-3 Approach To Billing

My three plans balance flexibility, ease, and savings, while offering incentive to take the long-term, slow-and-steady-wins-the-race approach to your health. If you would like to jump around between the plans, there are buttons for that. This page is 'the short version.' If you would like a much more detailed version, just click the button. If you just want to get started instead, you can do that, too.

Pay As You Go

Option 1: Pay As You Go Plan

This is the simplest and most familiar approach of the three plans. The Pay-As-You-Go Plan is exactly what it sounds like: you pay as you go. You book your session, I send you a quote, you accept it, pay the bill, and I conduct your session. When you want to book your next session, you do the same thing, and you continue this way as long as you choose to continue with your treatment. My single session rate is $300 per hour, and I'll go over my prediction of how many sessions your situation is likely to require when we talk on the phone during the initial consultation process. We will also discuss the pros and cons of these three options, and you can either take some time to think about it or pick one right then and there and get on the books. It's up to you. You can read on for a very brief list of pros and cons on the Pay-As-You-Go Plan or select an option to jump to.

Pay as you go and stop at any time

Lacks the flexibility to extend the session length as needed.

The 10% Bundle Plan discount does not apply.

Requires more involvement on  your end with the need for repeat bookings & invoices.


Option 2: Retainer Plan

This tried-and-true method likely needs no introduction. There's no reason to reinvent the wheel. If you choose this plan during your initial consultation, once you pay your invoice, your payment will act as a “bucket of dollars,” so to speak. All services will be billed out of the "bucket" at their assigned rates. When the retainer is depleted, ideally, you'll be all better and living your best life, but in the event you're not quite there just yet, you can either "top up" your account with more funds and continue your treatment or take a break and resume your treatment when it works best for you. Here is a brief list of some of the features of the Retainer plan, or you can choose from any of the other options listed.

It acts as a bucket of dollars that the cost of each session will be deducted from.

The bucket of dollars approach allows for flexibility in that your session length can be adjusted as needed.

There is a minimum purchase of three sessions to qualify for the Retainer Plan.

The 10% Bundle Plan discount does not apply to the Retainer Plan.

Requires minimal interaction with no repeat bookings or invoices.

Balance can later be carried over to the Bundle Plan if desired.

Option 3: Bundle Plan

Similar to the retainer plan, this bundle option adds one... big... PRO: a discount! With the bundle plan, you save 10% on every billed hour of treatment or $30 per hour. By way of example, after your initial consultation, if you decide to move forward with treatment, I'll send you an invoice for the suspected number of sessions needed, you issue payment the one time, and from that point on it'll act as a "bucket of dollars." All services will be deducted from that bucket. Here are some Pros and Cons to the Bundle Plan.


It acts as a bucket of dollars that the cost of each session will be deducted from.

The bucket of dollars approach allows for flexibility in that your session length can be adjusted as needed.

Minimum purchase of 12 sessoins required to qualify for the Bundle Plan & its 10% discount.

The Bundle-Plan comes with a 10% discount on treatment.

Requires minimal interaction with no repeat bookings or invoices.

Similar to purchasing a gift card, it's non-refundable, but it is transferable to someone else.

A Friendly Suggestion

Don't worry about all this stuff right now. Sure, look it over, but we can discuss all of this during your FREE and NO PRESSURE consultation. This is a lot of information and can be overwhelming. Ever looked at a Cheesecake Factory menu? 😳 🤯 Yeah, talk about overwhelming! But when the waiter comes over and walks you through a few things, you're good to go. Similarly, when you're actually talking to me on the phone, when you realize that I'm an actual person, when you hear me explain how this all works, it will all come together. And if you think that first bite of cheesecake is nice.... ooooohweeee! Wait until you get your body back! Wait until you get your life back! When your treatment is over, you're not just going to feel amazing, you can celebrate at the Cheesecake Factory! 🙃🍰🎉🥂


Set Up Your Consultation

If your'e all set and want to begin the consultation process now, click the start button and fill out each section the best you can.

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