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Mind & Body Assessment ('MBA')

All too often overlooked, this extremely revealing service is a deep dive into your entire being as a system and results in a personalized blueprint for your treatment. You likely know your symptoms right now, and you may even have a diagnosis, but what you probably don’t have is the full picture. Often, clients will have a symptom that is disrupting their lives and ask me to fix it, and they believe that once done, they’ll be good to go. In reality, fixing that one symptom might actually cause other underlying issues to birth more symptoms because the true root cause(s) of the entire systematic disruption (usually emotional) are not being addressed. The next thing you know, you’re in a sweaty, seemingly endless battle of Whack-A-Mole, and that's where this service comes in. Read on to learn more.

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The How, The Why, & The Service

A deep dive into you to develop a personalized blueprint for your treatment


Handled by a no-obligation quote

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Session Conducted Remotely - No Two-Way Client Interaction Required

I want to say I've seen it all, but I know as soon as I say that, I'll get surprised, so I won't go there, but often when clients find me, they know something is wrong, they just don't know exactly what it is. They feel "off" but can't quite put their finger on it. These are the more obvious situations that the MBA is designed for. Less obvious is pretty much everyone else. 

For example, maybe you have been dealing with your situation for so long, you feel you know exactly what's going on. Furthermore, you can prove it; you have multiple opinions in an enormous tattered and stained folder full of paperwork and replete with symptoms, formal diagnoses, photos, diagrams, and receipts. You might even be awaiting test results that'll tell you even more about your situation. If this is you, I was you, so trust me, I get it! There is no one out there more diligent than you. No one can tell you that you haven't laid it all on the line. Regardless of your due diligence, there's always that one category we love to hate, the one that got me: the things we don't know we don't know. Without even getting into misdiagnoses, medical malpractice, side effects to medication, etc., "The unknown" is spread across a virtually endless field of possibility, and people fall all along its burgeoning landscape, so in reality, the MBA is for everyone, they just don't know it.

If you're experiencing a symptom, whatever it is, look at it as a check engine light. This service is me reading and interpreting the meaning of the codes (symptoms) your system (body) is throwing that caused that check engine light to turn on in the first place. In this lengthy, highly involved, and most difficult and taxing service I offer, I work with Source to scan (for lack of a better term) your entire being, not just your body. To use the same car analogy, I'm not only going to do a bumper-to-bumper inspection, one that even includes the computer (your brain), but I'm also examining the very electricity running through your wiring (your energy). If you're truly approaching your health holistically, then you want the entire system working how it was intended. Whether you know it or not, whether you accept it or not, you are plugged into a life force much the same way as your vacuum cleaner is plugged into the wall. If your dog chewed the cord, you've got problems. If a family of mice have laid a nest in your wiring, that vacuum is going to be struggling, and maybe that's exactly why you're here.


Also, you may or may not be aware, but not all traumas begin as a physical manifestation. More accurately, very few do. While appearing to be physical in nature and origin, some experiences stem from an overwhelming, even paralyzing rush of emotion and energy that the body failed to dispel after the incident that set this all into motion. These incidents are typically accompanied by a message that your body stores as fact: I'm not good enough, nobody loves me, people always leave me, I can't function on my own, etc. These situations can result in just as significant a physical trauma as their physical counterparts but have a ripple effect that can affect your relationships, career, and life as a whole. Instead of moving past these traumas like you would if you fell of your bike or got the flu (through treatment or rest), they get stored directly in our nervous systems, trapped in our bodies, etched in our subconscious mind, and like a poison, seep slowly into the body causing all manner of illness.


There's a myriad of possible causes for whatever discomfort you're feeling, and it's our MBA that aims to find that root cause - or anything, for that matter, that isn't quite right. There are times I have found nothing physically wrong yet and other times I've found early stages of cancer, but almost without fail, there's an emotional component brewing under the surface antagonizing the body, and if not already manifested in a symptom, it will, and BAM! - check engine light on. The longer you wait, the more and more codes you throw, and so on and so forth. Maybe you've been driving with a light on for decades, and instead have turned to a buffet of medication to bypass that pesky light. That means you likely have a lot of codes, and this session is going to be that much more lengthy in nature. 


During the MBA, I focus solely on finding the problem(s); this is not a healing. At this point, either we don't know the culprit yet, we don't know if the presumed culprit is a decoy, or we don't know if the identified culprit brought backup (other symptoms, disorders, or underlying causes), so to speak. Regardless, ideally, we want to get a full picture before I start the healing process. This can provide peace of mind, catch potentially life--threatening illnesses early, and/or pave and light the way for me to move forward with your healing. Depending on your situation, this can range anywhere from two to four hours.


Because of the immense insight it provides and despite this being the most difficult thing I do (yes, even more so than the "removal" of tumors), I like to incentivize people to go this route by doubling my Bundle discount (You can read about My Rates here), making the MBA offering a 20% discount off my usual hourly rate. That's a $40 an hour discount. This applies to the MBA only and not any subsequent treatment plan to address the discoveries made during the MBA. 


By way of example. If, after your initial consultation, I feel it will take me four hours to complete your MBA, I'll bill you for four hours at 20% off ($160 per hour) for a total of $640. Using the same example, if I get everything I need during your MBA in three and a half hours but have billed you for four hours as predicted, I will begin your first healing session with the time I have remaining beginning with what your body is telling me is it's top priority from what was learned during the MBA.


Overwhelmed? Please don't be. This is a lot at once, but I promise you, it's really not that complicated and once we start talking, it'll all come together nicely. The reason why I did it this way is for one reason only - to save you money! You or your loved one are already hurting; I see no reason to wreak havoc on your wallet as well. Right? Also, I do all this on the back end, so it's not something you have to think about. It's explained on your NO OBLIGATION quote that you receive after your NO PRESSURE and FREE consultation.


If you have any questions about any of this, just click "Ask A Question" below or, if you're ready to start your free consultation, you can click "Initial Consultation" below and just ask your questions in the body of your message where you tell me about your situation and how I can help. And if you haven't already, you can also click "Get Started" below to learn more about the program.

In lak’ ech, hala ken

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