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Chakra Clearing & Cleansing

Everything is energy; this means you, too. Like everything electrical, the components that fuel, move, and receive that energy need to be in tip-top shape. Similarly, in any grid or network, not just electrical ones, the epicenter and the major distribution hubs are critical in maintaining the overall performance and efficiency of the system as a whole. In the human body, these are your chakras. When these energy centers are functioning optimally, you are physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually balanced, and that's what this service aims to do. 

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The How, The Why, & The Service

Clears, cleanses, opens, aligns, and balances your chakras.

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“Chakra” is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, circle, or disc, and can be traced back to the Upanishads, a subcategory of the Vedas (ancient texts conservatively estimated to be over 45,000 years old). As the name would suggest, Chakras are the spinning vortex energy centers of the human body. You are said to have over 80,000 of them covering basically every area of your body, the majority of which are fairly insignificant. The number considered to be of importance among practitioners still varies quite significantly: 144, 114, 40, 13, 12, 10, eight and seven, the last of which are almost universally accepted as the primary ones. These seven chakras are located in the central channel of the energetic spine, sometimes referred to as the Sushumna, and run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency and color and governs specific functions of your body.

The ideal state for your chakras is to be open, aligned, and balanced so they can absorb our vital energy (Prana) and redistribute it throughout the body. There are many factors that can lead to blockages in your chakras, many of which also acknowledged by the medical world to contribute to physical disease such as acute trauma like an accident, a diet rich in processed foods, or not getting enough exercise. Regardless of the cause, these blockages can be removed, and that’s what this service is all about.


I can’t speak for other practitioners, but during this treatment (it depends on the state of your chakras), I don’t just focus on the seven primary chakras within the body, but I also incorporate the eighth chakra (located about eight to 12 inches above the head) as a standard practice and, when done, move on to ask the body what other chakras it needs cleared. In Sanskrit, the eighth chakra is called Sahasrara, meaning "thousand petaled" because it’s said to be in the form of a lotus flower with 1,000 petals. It’s also referred to as the Soul Star chakra or Aura. It is unlike any other chakra in that it has no color, though, some associate the color white with it. It combines the effects of the other chakras and makes up their total projection, hence “the aura.’ It's considered to be a pathway for divine love to flow to your physical body. With love being the ultimate healing frequency, a blockage in this chakra can cause any number of issues.

To give you a general idea, here is a list of the seven chakras and a brief synopsis of what someone with a blockage in these might be experiencing. I pulled this from an article on (credit where it's due) because they did a great job in keeping it concise but informative; there is no need to reinvent the wheel. If, on the other hand, you're ready to get started, click hereand select the button you want. 

  • 1st Chakra (Root): Being depleted of first chakra energy feels like a survival crisis. You can’t get grounded because you are stuck in your head. By contrast, if you have too much energy at the root, you can become greedy or excessive in behaviors. These are misguided attempts to get grounded.

  • 2nd Chakra (Sacral): When someone is stuck in their sacral chakra, they struggle with being ruled by their emotions or the opposite of this, which is feeling numb or out of touch. There's also a correlation to sexual desire (or the lack thereof) at this level. Creativity and pleasure are both found at this energetic level.

  • 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): This chakra is often considered the power center, and when out of balance, self-esteem may be low, and decision-making can feel out of control. Temper flare-ups are also common when energy isn’t flowing well here.

  • 4th Chakra (Heart): The heart chakra, when flowing with energy, feels filled with love, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance. When there's a blockage at this energy level, anger, jealousy, grief, or self-hatred can be more prominent.

  • 5th Chakra (Throat): This chakra is the source of speaking your most authentic truth. When energy is blocked or low here, fear of not being accepted or of being judged becomes a problem. You might also feel out of touch with your opinions and desires and have challenge in making choices.

  • 6th Chakra (Third Eye): The word Ajna means “beyond wisdom,” and when this chakra is open, you experience expanded imagination, clairvoyance, and intuition. When there is a blockage at this level, there can be a tendency to be over-involved in fantasy or imagination. Lack of focus or clouded judgment can also occur.

  • 7th Chakra (Crown): The crown chakra connects you to the wider universal energy, so when this area has a block, isolation or emotional distress can occur. This may present as an inability to set or follow through on goals or an overall lack of direction and feelings of disconnection.

Animals are no different either; they have chakras, too, and just like ours, they can become blocked, throwing their entire body off. When it comes to our canine companions specifically, they have seven primary chakras like us, and they, too, have additional chakras outside those seven primary chakras (see chart below). Not everyone agrees on how to categorize these, though. For instance, while some call the chakras of the five senses the eighth chakra, others refer to chakras of the nose, ear, paw, and tail as the eighth through the eleventh chakras. Regardless of their assigned numbers, I still consider these to be primary chakras. Dogs have a greater connection to the physical world than we do, and helping them maintain that connection is important to achieve the optimal health and happiness we want for them. 


Dogs also have what is called the brachial chakra (often referred to as the ninth chakra) which allows them to bond with their humans. Despite not being considered a primary chakra by some, arguably, this is the most important chakra dogs have because, if blocked, it can prevent the flow of energy throughout the other chakras leading to a mass energy imbalance in your furry companion. For this reason, when I work on dogs, I work on all of these chakras. If you would like a more detailed breakdown on canine chakras, Merci Collective did an excellent job.



Dog Chakras from by way of Merci Collective

Lastly, chakra clearings are billed at my hourly rate and typically span between one and three hours, but those aren't hardline numbers; it really depends on the state of your chakras. Sometimes it's 45 minutes and others it's four hours. People come from a virtually infinite array of backgrounds that cause all sorts of varying conditions within them, each clinging to those experiences in different ways. In turn, the chakras reflect that trauma on an endless spectrum of disarray, and I never know what I'm going to get until I see it for myself. Even then, while I take a look at them during the consultation to try to narrow down an expected time allotment, looking isn't the same as addressing, and once I get in there and "get my hands in the clay," so to speak, what I saw might be very different than what is required of me to clear and restore it. We can discuss this further at the time of your consultation phone call if you like.


Remember, your initial consultation is not only free of charge, it's pressure free and commitment free as well. If at the end of our call, you opt to focus your resources on other areas of treatment or life, that's perfectly okay. In my experience, it's best to approach your treatment program and overall health goals from the bottom up, thereby creating a solid foundation to build upon. This is best done by addressing illness at the fundamental level of reality (the energetic level) because a change in energy invariably effects one or more, if not all, other areas of the body. Keeping that in mind is paramount while structuring a comprehensive treatment regimen, and if you like, we can discuss this in greater detail on our phone call.


In lak’ ech, hala ken


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