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At Beach With Dog

The Island Pass

Eponymous to my practice, The Island Pass has its origins in an event that took place shortly after I realized I had the gift of "sight," energetically speaking. This is the same story I tell in the "About Me" section, so if you listened to it there, you can skip it by clicking "Jump To The Service.” However, without the context the story provides, the description of the service probably won’t make much sense. If you're new to the story, I’d recommend reading or listening to this entire page, but the choice is yours, of course.

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The How, The Why, & The Service


Emotional, rewarding, and excellent for closure

Billed at half my session rate.

See description for details

Session Conducted Remotely - No Two-Way Client Interaction Required

I was tapping into (connecting with his energy) my dog Romeo, who was asleep on my bed next to me at the time, to do some healing work on him when, suddenly, I was violently splashing in shallow water, specifically salt water. It was that real, I could even taste it. I was trying to catch my bearings, and the next thing I knew my hands and feet were in sand, and I was crawling up onto a beach. I was checking myself over and saw I was wearing a white dress I didn't recognize when I realized I wasn't alone. I caught some movement out the corner of my eye, and when I looked up, I could see there were exotic animals all over the island. Other than the obvious (wondering if I was starting to lose my mind), I was kind of mesmerized by this heavenly Narnia-like island I had seemingly stumbled upon. I couldn’t stop looking around like a seven-year-old with a VR headset on.


Not even 30 seconds went by when a wave of animals, mostly dogs, came running up to me. It was quite the sight to behold, but as I looked around, I started to focus on the individual animals, and I realized I was looking at every pet I or my parents ever had that was no longer with us. I continued to scan the crowd remembering all their furry little faces and calling out their names, when my stomach sank. “That’s Romeo!” I exclaimed. I started to panic. Had I just lost Romeo? I mean, if all the other dogs had since passed, what was Romeo doing here? For a little dog, Romeo wasn't old in years (he was 12), but he had been through a lot. If you know my story, you know just how much this little man had endured with me, and his little body was not doing very well. I had just started healing sessions at the time and was still learning the ropes and assessing my ability. It was all still so fascinating and new, and I had not been able to have the impact on him I'd hoped to have just yet.


As I continued to look around, I also saw Alaska (my mom's dog), who I also knew was still alive. I started to think, "Is this where Romeo goes when he's sleeping? Is his body and spirit so weak that he's barely hanging on and sort of drifting between both sides of the ‘veil?’" as I call it. After all, I knew the last time I saw Romeo he was in a deep sleep in one of my bubbles (if you don't know what those are, I talk about them in my story here), so if he was ever going to be dancing that line, right now would be the time.


Once the fear subsided, it became my happy place and took on a life of its own. All the animals there had come alive in their own unique personalities, just as they were in the prime of their lives. Some of the more shy ones that we had were less shy, but for the most part, they were very much their unique selves. They all looked so happy. They kept darting up to me and wanting me to pet them or follow them or even chase them. I must have spent a couple hours there that first time. I couldn't believe what was happening, and I didn't want it to end. As the days, weeks, and months passed, I made sure I visited with Romeo there at least five times per week (not quite every day). Fortunately, by my third or fourth visit, my wash up on shore evolved from a violent shipwreck to a floating landing of sorts, like an angel's descent, and it remains one of my favorite places to go to this day. 


Anyway, it's all well and good how much I love it and what it does for me, but what does this do for you? I got so much from this, so much closure regarding animals we have had that passed on suddenly or even in ways that were horrific in nature. That closure helped me heal emotionally in ways I didn't even know I needed. I felt lighter, easier, and more comfortable in the safety of my living animals. It took the edge off my helicopter-mom mentality, though not entirely, and it gave me a peace that forever changed me. Because of how rewarding it was for me, I decided to offer this as a service. 


During this service, I connect with your loved one, whether furry, scaled, or feathered through the awesome power of Source. I am able to both give them a message from you and receive one if you like, play their favorite games with them, and get an overall sense of their wellbeing. What this also does for my clients is give them some sort of "proof" as to the authenticity of what I do. What I mean is the animals take on their former personalities, so if your pet had a weird quirk that made him/her so unique, and I then report that back to you (something I couldn't possibly know), I've been told by other clients that this was the first moment they knew just how real and authentic I was. For others that don't utilize this service (the island pass), it's when they see/feel that change in their body that could only be from the new addition of me to their healthcare regimen. But proof aside, as it did for me, this is a great way to get closure around the loss of your loved one, to hear how happy they are, hear about our little adventures, and even hear about the friends they've made, where they sleep at "night," etc. 

You may have noticed this is tied with muscle testing for my most affordable service. The reason for that is this is the most fun I have at work; it's the easiest on me, my body, and my energy; and I look forward to these like I did my lunch break when I had an office job. No, it's not the perfect analogy, but I'm sure you get what I mean. Another reason for the price point is the realization that followed about just how much I needed this without knowing I needed it. I've lived how rewarding this can be, and if you're suffering with a loss like I was, I want this for you, too. Everyone feeling the pain in the wake of a sudden and/or gruesome loss is holding onto some energy in their body that not only takes a psychological toll through possible PTSD, depression, guilt, etc., but this energy can also lead to serious physical conditions the longer it's left to fester. For these reasons, I discounted it 50% from my normal session rate. My intention is that it does for you what it did for me. Coupled with healing sessions, this can be even more powerful because the effects go hand in hand; it's another layer of healing working to get you back to whole.

In lak’ ech, hala ken


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