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About Me: The short version.

This is my story, my journey to health, in as brief a manner as I can put it. Now that you're here, if you would prefer to just get started, you can do that, too.

I started learning about and manipulating energy at age 10.

I began my life as a major overachiever. I competed in everything from dance, ballet, gymnastics, as an equestrian, diving, basketball, academically, and more. I was a fierce opponent and did very well at everything I tried. I was nationally ranked as an equestrian, but gave it up to pursue my law degree and work side by side with my father.

At age 16, I met a boy, and everything came off the rails. In short, he turned out to be physically, sexually, and emotionally abusive, a cheater, a freeloading parasite, and despite all the treatments I have had from others and all the work I have done on myself, the lengths he went to behind closed doors are still hard to speak about today. Some things just change you forever. It's how we move forward with them that makes all the difference. 

Five years after meeting him, at the age of 21, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and one of the worst cases of it my rheumatologist had ever seen. I couldn't move. I was confined to a wheelchair and unable to tend to the most basic of life's needs. As if that alone wasn't bad enough, I was still married to a deeply demented sadist, and one I just become completely reliant on at that. 

I managed to get my RA under control with medication, but the side effects were awful. I was sick constantly, and migraines plagued my life in a biblical manner. 

In 2011, I moved from Canada to Michigan to attend law school where, two years later, I would meet my current husband, Kurt. By the time we met, my marriage to my ex was all but over, and Kurt helped push it over the edge once and for all.

I was autoimmune, and I was spending a lot of time around Kurt's young kids (now my stepdaughters). My health went from bad to worse, so my parents flew me to Minnesota to see a long line of specialists at the Mayo Clinic. I was there for four full days of extensive testing. I don't even know how many doctors and specialists I saw, but it felt like I saw a new face every hour. At the end of it, I got one misdiagnosis, eight new vaccinations over a span of two days, not a single answer that would help me, and a six-figure bill. It was all downhill from there.

I spent the next five years trapped in a failing body. I was exhausted, confused, bewildered, distrusting, scared, defeated, and trying to make sense of it all. If I took two steps forward, I took at least one back and sometimes three or more. The stagnancy was frustrating, and the whiplash from the highs of hope to the lows when the new procedure/technique that gave me that hope failed was disorienting.

I felt like I had tried everything at this point, both traditionally and alternatively. I had seen naturopaths, Reiki practitioners, remote healers, light workers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and some proprietary practices. Some of it worked, some of it didn’t, but none of it seemed to last very long, and I had to continue going back regularly to experience any benefit at all. My body wasn’t healing, I was just temporarily dimming symptoms.  

Eventually, (again, this is the short version), through a series of events, I returned to the internet and just left it open with Source to guide me to the next step in my journey, even if it's not the cure, something that would move me forward toward what would eventually be my cure. I just had a feeling that something would leap off the screen and reveal itself to me as the next step in my journey, and it did. I selected a handful of places that resonated with me, but I kept being drawn back to two, and that's how I knew I had found the next leg in my journey.

While working with these practitioners, I took it upon myself to meditate, something I found very difficult to this point in my life. I spent hours researching and trying different techniques of meditation, but eventually made it my own. I spent hours in meditation every single day, and I transitioned from deliberately imagining scenes to being shown them. This is how I was introduced to The Island, the one that would eventually inspire the name of my practice, Eyeland Paws (click here to read that story). 

Over the next six months, I spent so much time in mediation and healing that I was evenly split between both worlds, the inner and the outer. I was spending upwards of 12 hours a day healing and meditating, and my entire world was changing. I hadn’t felt this energetic since my RA diagnosis, and my headaches were subsiding. At that point, I thought it was due to Kathy working on me, but I'd later learn that all the time I spent healing and meditating was having a significant impact on my energy as well.

My life exploded into one of purpose. I began working on my animals and then moved to other people's animals. I couldn't get enough of studying and practicing. I took some classes and continued in my diligent routine, and before I knew it, I was onto people. I started helping my family with issues they been dealing with for years, and the success was so incredible that they started telling their friends and so on.

Even though I was well into my journey healing others, I was a long way off from being able to apply my new faculties on myself. The act of meditation and my mother-in-law's elixir had helped me considerably, but it was much slower than the results that I had gotten others. As the weeks and months passed, I got exponentially faster, more effective, and was able to see in ways I still can’t believe are possible while conducting my healing sessions on others (I mean, I can, but… I can’t at the same time; it’s incredible).

The more success I had on others, the less attention I paid my own journey. I was consumed to the point ​I hadn't even tried to heal myself using these techniques. This was, in part, due to the fact that what I did to establish a connection with someone else wasn’t applicable to me, so I didn't know how to begin, but the fact that’s all it really took to quash the attempt was ridiculous. Unsurprisingly, I would come to learn the primary reason I didn't even attempt to find a way to heal myself was actually emotional. I would come to learn that I didn't love myself and, thus, always found a way to put myself last. This is a common theme I see with my clients, too.

It wasn't just that I wasn't working on myself, though. The more clients I got, I even started to pull back on meditating. With less meditation and the fact that my mother-in-laws's elixir's effect had started to plateau, before I knew it, my health had regressed to the point I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I was still better than the seven-year run I’d just ended, but it was getting bad enough again to where something had to be done. I still hadn’t learned how to work on myself at this time, so like most people, I sought outside help.

Kurt just so happened to stumble upon a holistic clinic in our part of the country, so we took that as a sign that maybe this was the next step in my (though, really our) journey. It turns out it was, but not in the way you might think.

In short, while my time at the clinic did help my migraines, they later came back in full force, and all that I really had to show for it was the most eye-opening experience I had in the alternative medicine arena to date. In summation, the effects were temporary and uncomprehensive; the information was either flat out wrong and/or self--contradictory; and the experience was equal parts burdensome, unprofessional, and costly.

I was done dealing with other people, other healers, pills, supplements, and elixirs. I was going to heal myself once and for all. I sat down determined to figure out how to apply this to myself. I didn’t care how long it took; I was going to figure it out.​ Long story short, just three sessions later, all my numbers (figures indicating the severity of each condition as determined by muscle testing) were zero. I never actually "figured it out." Rather, I was guided to begin with doing emotional release work and address the physical symptoms as they came up. I did this over a few weeks and made significant progress. I could finally see light at the end of the tunnel.​

One of the many beautiful things about energy healing is you don’t need to know every condition you have to heal them all. The reason for this is as the body begins to return to homeostasis, it starts healing everything as if taking a scorched-earth approach to disease within the body. 

What I hope you take away from all this is that 1) whether you’re dealing with a misdiagnosis, know you have something but western medicine can’t seem to diagnose it, or know your diagnosis can’t be all you have, you’re not alone; 2) you don’t need to know every condition you have to get your body to a place where it can purge it and heal; 3) your healing can happen a lot faster than you think; 4) just because someone says “there’s no cure,” does not make it so; and 5) you not only can get your health back, you deserve to.

Whatever you’re going through, there’s a good chance I can help you, but as I explained in the “Quantum Healing & How It Works” section of this site, as a human being, you innately have the ability to do this for yourself should you choose to learn it. Yes, you should feel empowered. You’re kind of a bad a$$ 😜. The comfort in knowing that I am all that I need is a type of empowering that I just can’t articulate, and I want this feeling for you, too. While I stand firmly in my resolve that you can do this for yourself, until your journey reaches that point, you have me in your corner, and I’m here to help in any way I can.​

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