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The consultation process is simple. It's primary purpose is to gather information about your specific condition/situation, create different treatment plan options for you that cater to both your budget and the problem itself, discuss how you would prefer to communicate during our time together, and help set expectations as to progress and healing. I operate on a framework of transparency here. Trust is very important in any collaborative venture, but when it comes to your body, your health, your well-being, it's that much more imperative to earn and treat with respect. I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable. Energy work is fairly new to most people, and I find that most have a lot of questions. I feel it is important to answer those questions and if someone needs their hand held through the process, I will do my best to do just that. If, however, you happen to have no questions and want to dive right in, I will still need to do a consult, but we'll speed it along as best we can and get started as quickly as possible. 


The consultation also acts, in part, as a screening process. In rare situations, I have found that I am actually unable to help. This can be for any number of reasons. I typically see it when one adult is asking me to work on another adult that has not given me their permission for them to be worked on, however, that's not the only time this has happened. Some people's entire identity is wrapped up in their illness. They have either never known life without it, have reached a point where they can't remember life without it, or are so immersed in their condition that they can't imagine life without it. That is a powerful, often insurmountable, blockade. What's more, the presenting illness doesn't even need to be a severe or completely debilitating one for this to be true. It's truly remarkable how much of a role our minds, thoughts, feelings, and emotions play in the realities in which we live. 


In having the consultation, I can avoid giving false hope. I don't want to tell you I can help you just to find out during our first session that the proverbial soil is not conducive to healing. By implementing a screening process and taking the time to look into your unique situation, I've been able to pinpoint those that will best benefit from my time with them and those that will not. It's my sincerest desire that you see the benefit of this rather than feel the anticipation of potential rejection. It's not meant to be like that at all.


Regardless of these situations, the bigger point is that if you found this website, you're likely open to the idea or quantum healing/remote energy work. You may not be completely on board with everything just yet, but a seed has been planted, likely before you arrived here, and germination has already begun. That alone can often be enough. 


To determine if I can help you, I ask that you send me a message (email, text, Telegram) telling me about the situation, who I'll be working on, their name, what type of illness/symptoms they have, and include a picture of them as an attachment. Pretty simple, right? On my end, I will tap into them (connect with their energy), the underlying issue (and its energy), and look for feedback (much of which is experienced as intuition and visuals, though not solely) on my ability to help heal it. That's it. It doesn't take very long, but it is a necessary step.

If you would like to jump right to your free consultation, you can click the button right here. If you would prefer to go back to the "Get Started" page and read some more, you can do that, too.

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The Initial Consultation Process Explained.

An informative and vital step in the process, this free, no-commitment-necessary beginning to our time together accomplishes a lot in a very brief period of time. Read on to learn more.

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